Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm so tired...

...and it's only midafternoon.

It's been a beautiful day here, even if I had to listen for a while to the (loud) noise of the Coast Guard chopper conducting a "fishing" expedition...

Fortunately, it was apparently a drill. Haven't heard anything about any "floater" reports today.

Had to gear my mind up to have a long talk with a publisher this morning. I made a proposal to him last week (via email) that he seemed to receive favorably, but recent experience has left me wary of anyone who promises a positive result, whether professional or personal.

So by the time he called this morning, I was tied up in knots inside and worried about saying something that would turn him off of the project. This isn't just another article, by the way -- those aren't all that hard to come up with -- but something more important and far-reaching.

The discussion went well. He had no idea that my innards were churning, that I felt something akin to fear as we talked. In fact, he was incredibly appreciative of the work I've been doing for him, agreed with every facet of my proposition and volunteered -- without even a suggestion from me -- to take on more of the work of making it happen than I would have dared ask for.

Nothing is final or even really under way as of now, of course. But I feel a strange sensation flickering deep in the recesses of my mind.

I guess some people would call it hope.

I'm not ready to go that far yet.

But I am ready for about 12 hours of sleep.


Anonymous said...

Good on you, Scribbler. Don't ever be frightened of hope. Just go for it.

lowandslow said...

I know how you feel. Hopeful, yes, but still too cautious to say anything even remotely cocky. But as you said, he was volunteering things you didn't dare hope for....that sounds mighty encouraging to me, Scribs. :)

gillardia said...

I was tired at the start of the day and I STILL AM.


DAL said...

It takes me two to three days to amass 12 hours of sleep. I don't think I have ever gotten more that 9 or 10 all at once, and that was a very long time ago.

I'm going to hope for you, Scribbs.

Keep your atpcrzx up.

John said...

We'll keep our fingers crossed for you. Hope doesn't cost anything, so even if things did not go the best way, it was no crime to hope.
This one may pan out. I am pulling for it.