Friday, October 06, 2006

These are your children, Nancy Pelosi!

If you are one of those people who have supported all the high-minded yammering from liberals about "diversity," "constitutional rights" and "decency," take a good long look at this video.

This is Columbia University. Once a place of learning, it has become, as have so many other institutions, a support system for the hate-filled liberal mob. This is political correctness raised to the highest power: free speech and equal rights for all, unless you disagree with the radical loons of the left.

The speaker, Jim Gilchrist, is the founder of The Minutemen. Are they a racist hate group? No, they merely seek what a majority of sane Americans seek, which is an end to the uncontrolled flow of illegals into our country. They are not anti-immigrant; in fact, some of their membership is made up of legal immigrants.

Gilchrist was invited to make a speech at Columbia. Perhaps those who invited him thought this might lead to meaningful debate.

Here is the kind of "meaningful debate" the left-wing scum prefer:

When the news media, which is itself generally pro-illegals, pro-"diversity" and anti-debate, covered this disgusting event, they minimized the behavior of the so-called students. They toned down the attack on Gilchrist, in which he was, basically, subjected to physical assault and battery while the Columbia cops stood around doing nothing, referred to him as "controversial" and "conservative."

So if you are "conservative," you have no rights. Attacking you -- physically and verbally -- is the left's Constitutional right.

And have the high-minded Democrats in politics, who are so quick to blame all Republicans for Mark Foley's shameful misdeeds, spoken out to condemn the goons of Columbia or defend Gilchrist's rights to free speech?

Nope. They are too busy salivating over the prospects of regaining power in November.

The Pelosis, Kennedys, Reids and Deans in Congress are the spiritual parents of the Columbia students. If -- or, as it unfortunately seems now, when -- they are in charge, anyone who disagrees with their frightening vision of what America should be can expect to be treated in the same way as Jim Gilchrist.

PARENTHETICAL THOUGHT: Why is it that descriptions in the press of anyone not on the Democrats' "approved" ideological list always contain a label intended to be pejorative such as "conservative" or "on the right," while wild-eyed nutjobs from the lefty fringes get no equivalent identifying tag?

When all dissent is muzzled, when our nation becomes an unrestricted, lawless haven for illegal immigrants, when the livelihoods of Americans vanish and their savings are confiscated to pay for massive welfare schemes for the government's protected classes, who will we have to blame?

Ourselves. We allowed the culture that bred the foul so-called "students" at Columbia to thrive. We allowed the socialistic lefties to take over.

We gave the left-wing haters who speak of love, the intolerant champions of "tolerance," the "law-abiding" thugs who feel no need to obey the law, the support they needed to destroy America.

Gilchrist was not the first victim of the Pelosi/Kennedy/Reid/Dean culture. He will not be the last.

The ghost of Uncle Joe Stalin is smiling today.


lowandslow said...

How can anyone, ANYONE, say there is no double standard on liberal/conserative issues? They are there for everyone to see. The liberals just choose to ignore the evidence. "Do as I say, not as I do." Great points MrScribbler.

MrScribbler said...

Imagine, lowandslow, if instead of Glichrist the speaker who was prevented from speaking and was assaulted had been, say, Al Gore. The jails would be full today, Columbia's administration would be clearing out their desks, and Congress would reconvene simply to give members time to rant and rage about "conservative terrorists."

Kashew said...

Try living in a city like San Diego, where the legal citizens are almost outnumbered by the illegals. Any protest, and you are labeled a racist. What part of ILLEGAL do they not understand??

Good post

MrScribbler said...

kashew -- I live close enough to S.D. (L.A. is also part of the North Tijuana Metro area) to know what's going on there.

I am totally baffled by this insane push to put the rights of illegals and the wishes of a foreign country ahead of the right and needs of citizens. Equally, I am baffled by the hypocrisy of the "pro-democracy" left.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the correct words to respond to this entry, so I'll just give ya some 'sunny hugs!' ((Hugs)) from Sunny :)

lovezao said...

This is an awesome post and actually got me think about these issues, an almost umpossible task, but one that needs to be done by someone : }

Anonymous said...

You're so right. The liberal media is our worst enemy. Imagine a conservative crowd doing something like this. Ha!