Thursday, October 19, 2006

Justice? NOT!

Today in El Paso, Texas, Jose Compeann and Ignacio Ramos, two Border Patrol agents who were put on trial for attempting to capture an illegal alien smuggling a van-full of marijuana (743 pounds) across the border (and, in the process, putting a bullet in the smuggler's butt when one of them thought he was pulling a weapon), were sentenced for their "crimes."

Last week in New York, a judge appointed by one Bill Clinton sentenced Lynne Stewart, an attorney who was convicted of passing messages from Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman (in prison for masterminding the first attack on the World Trade Center) to his terrorist associates.

Compean got 12 years in prison, and Ramos got 11.

Stewart got 28 months.

Stewart's judge said, among other idiotic things, that there was no direct proof that anyone died as a direct result of Stewart's treasonous behavior, and that her past exploits defending various terrorists and left-wing hate groups made him feel she deserved a minimal sentence.

The prosecutor in the Compean/Ramos case said, among other lies, that the illegal-alien drug-runner was "just trying to get back to Mexico" when the agents tried to take him down.

All three sentences need to be overturned. None of them will be, I'm sure.

If Bill Clinton bears some of the blame for appointing a zoned-out leftist judge in the person of John Koeltl, George Bush and his minions bear direct blame for the Compean/Ramos debacle. Many people believe -- and I'm one of them -- that the zeal of the prosecutors and the treatment of the drug-smuggler (he was granted full immunity for testifying against them, was give free medical care for his "thigh wound" in a U.S. hospital, and is currently suing for $5,000,000) was a result of White House intervention and pressure.

After all, Bush has proven, to the satisfaction of all but his most rabid apologists, that he is much more concerned with the rights and welfare of Mexicans than he is the citizens who were dumb enough to elect him.

I will be sending -- and urge others to send -- an email to Bush and my two worthless Senators insisting that steps be taken immediately to issue full pardons to Compien and Ramos, before they spend as much as five minutes in prison.

As for Lynne Stewart: in all likelihood, she won't spend a day in lockup. She's a "hero" to the insane left. Hell, she'll probably be invited by Nancy Pelosi to address Congress.

It is time for a major realignment of our so-called "justice" system and, for that matter, of the lunatic mindsets that produce travesties such as these sentences. Since I'm not entirely sure where the blame lies for the attitudes that have screwed up our national sense of "values," it seems to me the best thing to do is get both the wacko leftists and the nutball rightists the hell out of power before they can do any more damage.

If it isn't too late already.


lowandslow said...

Amen! How come I never get on one of THOSE juries???? PC run rampant!!

MrScribbler said...

Oddly enough, l&s, the Stewart jury found her guilty of the crime of passing messages from the imprisoned sheik to terrorists, and the Compien/Ramos jusry apparently had doubts about their "guilt."

In the Stewart case, the judge essentially ignored the jury's verdict, and in the Compien/Ramos case, the judge ignored massive misconduct by prosecutors and jury.

The fix was in.

Birdie said...

the American juditial system is beginning to scare me.... canning those border guards won't motivate the rest. I think all border guards should go on strike or quit their jobs.... that should bring about an up-cry or a zbxqxw!

yvonne said...

i need more info on this cause. i looked at the link, but do not have enough time to peruse all of the subject matter posted there. do you have a site to recommend that deals soley for this issue? my father told me of this injustice and i would like to add my support.

yvonne said...

i would like more information on this cause. i followed your link, but do not have enough time to peruse all of the info posted on that page. do you have a direct site i can visit? my father told me of this injustice and i would like to help.

MrScribbler said...

yvonne -- My suggestion would be a google search for Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. I believe there is a web page for Ramos, but am not sure of the address.

The media has remained mostly silent about this issue. Cowards.