Monday, February 12, 2007

The travesty continues... more and more information surfaces that exposes the full extent of the criminality in the case of Jose Campean and Ignacio Ramos.

As before, the criminal activity was all in George Bush's Departments of Homeland "Security" and "Justice," where agents of Bush's open-borders, pro-Mexico agenda falsified information, lied, and continued to lie even in front of a congressional committee.

First, as recounted in this news story, three of the Border Patrol agents who were given immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying against Compean and Ramos, have been given the sack. Why? Because they lied under oath.

That should be grounds for throwing out Ramos and Compean's convictions all by itself.

And then, there's this story dealing with agent Rene Sanchez, who was the first to drop a dime on Ramos and Compean and appears to have a most cozy relationship with the illegal-alien drug smuggler involved.

As the facts continue to emerge, George Bush's lame assertions about the case become more and more pathetic.

And a suspicion that the worst possible (and most bizarre) reason for railroading two agents who were enforcing our laws may be true is getting stronger: throughout this case, it seems more and more likely that the tune is being called by the Mexican drug cartel that employed the illegal-alien smuggler.

It certainly seems possible that the druggies have corrupted Rene Sanchez. But the trial and the hideous mishandling of evidence -- the chain of evidence was broken with the van and its load of grass, the illegal's cell phone has vanished without anyone checking the numbers stored in it, the bullet from the illegal's butt was mishandled, and the illegal himself was treated with more consideration than Compean and Ramos -- it seems more than possible the drug cartel's influence reaches higher than one Border Patrol agent.

How high? I have my suspicions.

Even those not directly involved have much to answer for. A few members of Congress have tried to work on Compean and Ramos's behalf, but the majority go blithely on, unconcerned about this hideous miscarriage of justice. I can understand why Ted Kennedy has no concern about violations of the law, but what about all the other self-righteous blowhards in D.C.?

They can't all be taking payoffs from the Mexican druggies....

Or can they?

For even more, go here.


Sunny said...

MrScribbler: Just popped in to say hello!

harpofly said...

I think it covers a lot of territory. The actions of judges, prosecutors, and other agents on the scene tend to indicate widespread corruption. It is a bit too targeted to merely be incompetence.