Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I smell a rat... the debate about global warming.

While I am quite sure mankind has had an adverse effect on the planet, and believe taking steps to reverse some of the damage is in order, I am also beginning to think there is a hidden agenda on the part of those crying most loudly for immediate, drastic action.

Consider the statements being made with increasing frequency that urge the dismissal or silencing of scientists who don't follow the global warming party line 100%. Consider the European Union -- that ultimate socialistic nanny-state -- and its current push to pass and enforce laws relating to "environmental crime."

And definitely consider the hypocrisy of those who rant most loudly about the need for "sacrifices" while they continue to live in oversized mansions, ride around in squadrons of giant SUVs and use private jets to dash from one celebrity-ridden "save the planet" event to another.

Does this perhaps suggest that claims made by those most adamant about the human role in global warming are not as clear and quantifiable as they would like? And does it suggest that certain targeted nations and groups will be called up to "make sacrifices" while others will not?

After all, the prime element in leadership is leading by example. If you yourself do not lead a clean, low-consumption lifestyle, you have neither the right nor the status to impose restrictions on others.

And if you must insist that those who disagree with your ideas must be silenced, logic suggests your ideas cannot stand on their own merits.

Science advances when conclusions are tested, judged harshly and proven. The fact that some UN-supported scientists have decided they are right and everyone else is wrong cuts no ice with me.

If their claims are indeed true, then all nations, without exception, must take part in the cleanup. Forget "developing nations," "carbon taxes" and "pollution credits." All of us make the sacrifices and changes necessary. It's that simple.

I have no doubt we should all clean up the pollution-creating aspects of our lifestyles as much as possible. But doing it based on the orders of agenda-driven governments and nanny-state organizations is anathema to any intelligent person.


kelly said...

I guess I am like everyone else...or at least a lot of people....What can I do? I already drive a very economical car gas-wise. Do I recycle? No but my Mom does that help? What can one person do to make it better?

MrScribbler said...

kelly -- all you can do is take the small steps and refuse to accept the guilt-trip the Al Gores of the world want to lay on you.

If the time ever comes when anyone makes sense of this situation, we'll find other things to do. But giving up what's left of our industry while China roars on unchecked is not any kind of solution.

Birdie said...

is it any difference then a doctor telling you the danger of smoking while he lights up his cigarette? I see that all the time!

I think it's just about time some of those "Al Gores's" were finally being listened to!

We hated the greens when they first appeared, laughed at their fanaic environmental ideas (and I still dislike them...) yet you can now swim again in the Rhine River!! They HAVE made a difference! I hate their fanatic ways, but if a small part of that helps, well good! The pollution in Germany has dropped so low it's amazing! I could name tons of examples.

But I still hate those ugly windmills popping up everywhere, destroying the landscape... just to make electricity with wind, an element that will always exist (though they shut down during hurricanes... go figure).

HarpO'Fly said...

Having been involved in pollution control and seen where it meets politics, I believe we are being duped by agenda driven madness.
For one thing they are moving from conclusion to hypethical cause.
The number of factors ignored and the assertions being made are not at all valid in any conclusive way.

Obvious pollutants of the air of course are undesirable. To say we are changing the overall climate and that CO2 is a major contribitor when levels of CO2 are at a low, is bunk.
Want to get rid of co2? Plant a damn tree.
If doctors tell you one year this type of oil is bad but now change their minds, you think a system as large as the earth in relation to the sun is really under their absolute understanding?
Climates change. It is not the fault of the USA.

Matt said...

Environmental Socialism.

That hole up there in the ozone layer is smarter than we think. When Americans pollute, it opens up bigger and starts to melt the ice caps. When those poor South Americans pollute, the hole in the ozone layer understands and doesn't open up any further.

Therefore, only America and the other economically successful countries of the world have to worry about it.

And by the way, Al Gore is as full of shit as Michael Moore, if not more so. Read up before you buy into it. Read all about how he owns stock in one of the biggest coal (dirtiest form of energy available) and petroleum companies in the world. Read all about him and the producer of his "documentary" flying around the country in a private jet to promote their film...on the dangers of global warming.

Interesting stuff.

lowandslow said...

We should all do whatever we reasonably can to protect our earth. Giving one country or another a pass won't cut it. Unfortunately politics will always trump what's right.

Rude Bastard said...

Politics and systems of government are a necessary evil that often makes efficiency a near impossible notion. When it comes to environmental issues there are tons of things that interrelate that comprise the problem as a whole. Particulate matter emitted by vehicles (autos, trucks, trains, planes, etc.) pollutes the air causing all manner of ailments from cancer to asthma to allergies and emphysema.

Climate change is happening. Make no mistake about that regardless of what you think about Al Gore. We're overpopulating this planet and destroying it in one fell stroke as we bellow civilization and capitalism.

If we collectively keep trashing the planet we'll destroy it that much faster for ourselves and the people that follow us. Look at all the red algae destroying the Oceanic ecosystem that spawned us. The hole in the ozone layer? Sure as hell wasn't there a hundred years ago and neither was the cancer rate. There are a lot of factors involved in public health and safety that should not be ignored.

We can't do nothing and expect other to make things right.

MrScribbler said...

Rude -- I'm not advocating doing nothing, by any means. I simply say solutions must be across-the-board, without favoritism shown to any group. And they must (and can, I believe) be realistic solutions based on provable data.

Matt said...

Yeah, the Earth's average temperature might be rising a little bit. Is it all us, or is it a cycle?

The Midwest was carved by glaciers, and then they obviously melted. This happened before there were any capitalistic humans running around destroying the Earth with their Escalades.

I've seen evidence showing that this is a natural cycle. In all honesty, I haven't dug into it much because I don't care. It's not an immediate threat to me, not to mention it was 50 degrees below zero here on Monday, so I don't investigate it much.

I do, however, conserve as much electricity as possible. I drive a four cylinder car. I recycle all my stuff, even though my apartment complex doesn't have a place for those things. I take my recyclables home.

I do all of these things so Nancy Pelosi can waste more energy than I'll save in my lifetime by taking one trip across the country in a Boeing 757.

That's so encouraging.

MrScribbler said...

Matt -- I think you hit the nut of the deal right there. The earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling all the time. The hole in the ozone layer gets larger, then shrinks.

Cutting down on trash, reusing as many materials as possible and cleaning up rivers simply makes sense. No one argues about those things.