Friday, February 02, 2007

A flollow-up to last night's rant...

...from The Washington Times. After the first four paragraphs (reproduced here), the article goes on to compare this to the kangaroo-court proceedings against Border Patrol agents Compean and Ramos, noting that some of the same cast of government characters was involved in the persecution.

A Texas deputy sheriff who fired shots at a fleeing vehicle after the driver tried to run him down faces 10 years in prison for injuring one of the passengers, a Mexican national being smuggled illegally into the United States.

The U.S. attorney, who won lengthy prison terms last year for two U.S. Border Patrol agents in the shooting of a drug-smuggling suspect, also prosecuted Edwards County Deputy Sheriff Guillermo F. Hernandez, who is to be sentenced next month.

The deputy's boss, Sheriff Donald G. Letsinger, said his officer -- who had been on the job for a year -- "followed the letter of the law" in defending himself in the April 2005 incident and questioned why the government brought charges.

"This is a fine young man, and I just don't believe he committed the wrong of which he was accused," Sheriff Letsinger said. "I have never had anything hurt me so badly as this prosecution. We've got to make this right."

This story also adds the information that the driver of the van was a "coyote," one of those who smuggle illegals across the border for money. Neither he nor the illegals he was carrying were punished, of course, despite their clear violations of the law.

How long will the public sit still for the increasingly dangerous, illegal and immoral actions of the First Coyote in Washington and his open-borders, anti-U.S. citizen pals?

Probably until it's too late.


KauaiFinn said...

The "coyote" and the illegals were not punished at all??? Where are they?? Just freely going about??

Too frikken INSANE....

Nothing makes sense anymore.

But i am still glad to be back on my lanai drinking my coffee and reading your journal :-)

Big Warm Hawaiian HUGS and AlooooHa!

HarpO'Fly said...

This stuff is crazy. Who, except someone looking for bribes, would want any law enforcement job on the border in light of these cases?