Friday, February 02, 2007

Robin Hood, wearing a skirt... the form of Hillary Clinton, who offers a preview of how she intends to rule -- if the American public is dimwitted enough to elect her in 2008 -- here.

I'm no supporter of the political and "moral" conditions that have allowed oil companies to make monster profits. Nor do I approve of the practice of giving corporate bigwigs obscene "bonuses," stock options and golden parachutes.

But the idea that the government has the right -- apparently, even the obligation -- to snatch such windfalls away in the name of "the Public Good" is, if anything, even more frightening.

This single comment is so incredibly indefensible that it should have torpedoed her campaign on the spot.

But it probably didn't.


SAREJESS said...

Sounds like another Nixon wana be

HarpO'Fly said...

She is playing on class envy and ignorance to promote the the dangerous idea that it is the right of government to decide who makes a profit.
This is a big smoke screen. And one dangerous person.

betty said...

Of course it didn't. She's the darling of the masses and the media. Why, I don't know.