Monday, February 05, 2007

Crime on top of injustice... the case of Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.

According to Ramos's father-in-law, Joe Loya, Ramos was badly beaten this morning by inmates at the federal prison in Mississippi where he is serving his sentence for the "crime" of trying to apprehend an illegal-alien drug smuggler.

Several hours after being assaulted, Ramos had not yet received medical attention for his injuries. As of now, he has not been treated.

Contrast that with the way George Bush's Department of "Justice" fawned all over the illegal-alien drug smuggler, getting him, among other things, free first-class treatment (at taxpayer expense) in an American hospital for his bullet wound. A wound which, by the way, did not stop him from hauling tail back across the border and has never been proven to have been inflicted by a bullet from the agents' weapons. The ballistics tests on the bullet proved only that the bullet could have come from one of several makes of weapons.

I don't understand how Bush, Johnny Sutton, Deborah Kanof and the rest of the get-Compean-and-Ramos lynch mob can sleep at night.

I do know where they should be sleeping: in the place where Ramos and Compean do not deserve to be.

It is time for Bush to clean up his act -- no matter how angry it makes his masters South of the border -- and end this farce before the tragedy is compounded.


Anonymous said...

Very sad to hear about this but many of us knew that this would happen. clearly, Bush's loyalties are to Mexico and not America. Even to the extent of protecting the lucrative Mexican drug trade at the expense of Americans.

HarpO'Fly said...

This makes me so sick, I can hardly think straight.
I am tempted, Mississippi being so close and all, to find the place, see if I can visit, and then come back and blow the walls open.
People can talk about the "right" way, going through the system, and all that, but I think we are beyond that. It becomes more and more abvious.
If either of them gets killed, I hope Sutton and that crazy Kanof never cross my path. It is so damned wrong.