Tuesday, February 27, 2007

42 days...

...and counting since Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean were sent to federal prison based on trumped-up charges and lies from Texas persecuting attorney -- and George Bush "pal" -- Johnny Sutton and his pet pitbull, Debra Kanof.

Even now, more evidence of the illegality and immorality of the government's action comes out, as reporter Sara Carter of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, one of the pitifully small number of journalists with the guts to pursue this hideous story, has found that Sutton and Kanof, with the help of a Bush-appointee judge, knowingly lied about, distorted and covered up the true facts in order to shield an illegal-alien drug smuggler from punishment and punish Border Patrol agents for doing their job.

Certain portions of the trial transcript are "sealed" (by the judge's order). Apparently, they include testimony and written material from the Drug Enforcement Agency -- which the jury was not allowed to hear -- about the second drug-smuggling arrest of Osvaldo Aldrete Davila after the incident during which he was shot in the ass. This took place while he was carrying his cross-the-border pass from Sutton.

Aldrete Davila was not only apprehended, but was identified by witnesses.

Of course he was cut loose. After all, why arrest an illegal-alien drug smuggler when you can use his perjured testimony to jack-up a couple of Americans who dare to enforce the laws Bush and his crowd scoff at?

Interestingly enough, Kanof portrayed the illegal as a poor, pitiful, unarmed little Mexican guy who wanted to earn money for his family and made "just that one" drug run. She knew better. So did Sutton.

Members of Aldrete Davila's family have told Sara Carter that he ran drugs, and would never have done so without carrying a weapon.

So why do Ramos and Compean remain in jail?

Answer me that, Senor Presidente Jorge Bush.

In fact, answer that question as you free them (as well as Gilmer Hernandez) and fire Sutton, Kanof and everyone in the "Justice" Department and Department of Homeland "Security."

Then submit your own resignation and spend the rest of your life and considerable fortune making restitution to Ramos, Compean, Hernandez and David Sipe.

We do not forget these men, Senor Presidente. You, the Mexican government you so love to suck up to and the rest of the open-borders crowd have much to answer for.


Sunny said...

Very good entry here, MrScribbler. I agree with you and have the same thoughts on this as you do, only I would'nt be able to put it like you do!

HarpO'Fly said...

Excellent rant. More than a rant, really. A statement that needs to keep being made until these guys are out and those responsible removed from power, at the least.
I wouldn't mind seeing them make restitution.
Well stated. To know that these people are willingly and openly continuing to do this to our citizens and our country in the face of hundreds of thousands of protests is mind boggling. Not even a reasonable acknowledgement.