Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another hole in our borders... set to open within 60 days by order of George Bush's Department of Transportation.

As reported in this article in, Bush has found another way of paying off his Mexican pals. Here are the first two paragraphs, with added emphasis):

One hundred Mexican trucking companies will have unlimited access to U.S. roads to haul international cargo as part of a year-long pilot program, the Department of Transportation announced today

In return, 100 U.S. trucking companies will be allowed to operate in Mexico but at a later date.

Pilot program? With the upcoming Senate push for amnesty for illegals coming as soon as next month, and all the programs being instituted to insure, educate and provide health care for the children of illegals, this is merely part of the big push to abolish our borders altogether and allow the invasion to flow in unabated.

Of course the usual group of pro-illegal fifth-columnists -- the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and other "elite" media are just as happy as clams about every assault on our laws and citizens.

Even if this program wasn't absurd on its face, the fact that these Mexican truckers will be able to charge lower rates for hauling American goods back home with them, the fact that they won't be subject to the U.S. rules regarding drivers' licensing, insurance and permissible driving hours, the fact that their trucks will not get the same rigorous safety inspections American-owned trucks are subject to, indicate the scorn Bush and his supporters in the open-borders cause have for their own citizens.

Let's face it. We have, counting Republicans and Democrats alike, the first government in our history that simply wants to surrender our sovereignty to foreigners for the good of a few greedy corporations and to satisfy a few misguided "one-world" do-gooders. Just as bad, they expect us to pay for it. And we will.

So: we have an interesting cast of co-conspirators here:

-- a few business "leaders" who will sell out American workers to make a fast buck off low-wage labor from Mexico;

-- the Catholic Church (particularly in Southern California), which wants all those Catholics from the South filling their churches, and doesn't give a damn about the American Catholics who will lose their livelihoods while still being expected to pour their money into the collection plates;

-- a corrupt Mexican government, incapable of solving its country's problems, desirous of exporting its poor;

-- politicians, who see votes and payoffs from their big campaign donors in legalizing all the illegals.

This latest action, especially when added to the Senate's suicidal push to throw away our nation's laws and security, is a "pilot program" for the end of the United States.

It's later than we think.


Matt said...

How much of that "international cargo" will be a trailer full of their fellow citizens?

This is unbelievable. Let's move to Australia, they don't have any borders.

benb said...

When I first heard of this s*** (letting Mexican trucks in here), I about puked. The fact of the matter is, many truckers, especially owner-operators are infuriated with the prospect of these junk, Mexican trucks coming in here - taking away their business by hauling cheap. I fully expect - certainly from things I have been hearing - that there is going to be something like what happened in the 70's, I think it was, with the Teamsters striking and destroying trucks, beating up other drivers, but probably even worse. Expect a backlash not only against the Bush administration, but against the individual truck drivers coming from Mexico themselves. This is one of the biggest farces yet - and I totally agree with your assessments.

HarpO'Fly said...

This is all in line with that N American Union they're working on. None of it has proper approval, but like NAFTA, it is all done smoke and mirrors style. That had nothing to do with free trade, and everything to do with this continental scheme. Clinton railroaded that, and Bush is carrying on with it. We've been sold out from every side.