Tuesday, February 20, 2007


...is what I got in the mail today.

And it's stressing me, big-time.

I have received exactly one check from any client. Since January first.

Have I been working? Have I met deadlines, turned in articles that inspired little notes from the editors thanking me for putting out the effort to give them good stuff?

I have.

But somehow, there is a disconnect between doing the work and getting the shitweasels to pay.

Worse, when I finally did get hold of one of the editors on the phone last week -- he returned my call because he wanted to find out when I would have another article completed for him -- it turns out he inadvertently deleted the copy for a story I sent him and somehow forgot to ask for another.

I sent it to him last October. It should already be in print and paid for.

There are few things as humiliating as dodging creditors or trying to explain the strangeness of this so-called "business" to someone who simply wants money.

If everyone paid off tomorrow -- which is as unlikely as, well, another impossible desire of mine -- I would be all caught up, with a few bucks to spare for something frivolous. Like maybe a run to Borders to pick up a couple new books. For me, that would be almost unbearable excitement.

In the meantime, I have to keep a low profile until someone decides they might as well pay.

And I have to keep working, which gets less and less appetizing by the day.

How many more days can I manage this unbalanced balancing act before snapping? I don't know.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could kick them in the butt for you. That is just so mean.

Kim said...

Not fair! That's the one advantage of doin' the ole 9-5 I guess...

Anonymous said...

unreal...you have similar people to deal with I do! The upside is I am not the only family income...hope people get their act together soon and pay you what is yours...Lou

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Scribbs. I hope you get some checks in the mail... and soon.


betty said...

I wish I was a millionaire. I would give most of my money away and just keep enough to live comfortably on. That's what my son said I would do and he's right. Unfortunately, we're struggling as well. Hope things start coming together for you soon, MrS. {{{hugs}}}

John said...

Someone's got to put the arm on these people.
This is a good case for privateers to catch a publisher or two alone in a parking lot for discrete discussions. I'm tempted to go into this business.

lowandslow said...

Do you not have ANY leverage?? Are other writers treated like this, too, or do you even know? If others are getting paid, ask them how. If all you freelancers are getting stiffed, maybe there can be strength in numbers.

joan said...

Have you considered getting a part time job in something that might be low paying but social and enjoyable just for some bread and butter money? It might be a poitive distraction. How about the book store. I am sorry to hear how dificult things are for someone with you talent.