Friday, February 16, 2007

Nancy is happy tonight...

...because she and the rest of the unprincipled surrender monkeys in Congress got their way today, and delivered a symbolic slap on the wrist to George Bush. Now, they can start undercutting the military a step at a time, until we end up in another tail-between-our-legs debacle.

Once again, I say I am convinced that Bush is as big a fool -- and as pathetic a military strategist -- as anyone who ever occupied the White House. When it comes to the so-called "war on terror," he has messed up almost every way possible.

But there was something missing in the Democrats' posturing today: they babbled on incessantly about Bush's "failed" policy, and that I agree with. But they offered no constructive alternative. All they did, all they do, is complain.

This is my big gripe about politicians in general and Democrats in particular. They can talk in empty platitudes -- "peace," "health care for all," "an end to global warming" -- until hell freezes over, but when it comes time to offer genuine, constructive solutions, they're too busy posing for photos and raising campaign funds.

There is no problem facing this country that cannot be solved. But the remedies will not come from political hacks who have lobbyists and special-interest campaign contributors whispering in their ears. Nor will they come as long as political party loyalty is more important than loyalty to the citizens of this country.

Politics has become so inbred a game that the players have forgotten they are playing with human lives and the hard-won earnings of their constituents.

I am disgusted with George Bush. But I am equally disgusted with the posturing cowards in Congress. It is past time for all of them to be stripped of their power over us, past time for all of them to be held accountable for their greed and stupidity.


lowandslow said...

Our system is broken, Scribbs. Honest, aggressive leaders could make it right, but we don't have any. All we have is a 2 party smoke-and-mirrors system of injustice. And the only ones who can clean house are those who would be swept out themselves. Fat chance!

John said...

I'm amazed that they would play such a dangerous game. It is as if they won't even consider the consequences of their actions.

Matt said...

If any of those problems you mentioned were ever solved, the Democrats would all be out of jobs.

They thrive on playing with our emotions and telling us how bad things are. "But if you'll only jump under our circle of control and let your friend the federal government do it for you, we'll make all your wildest dreams come true."