Monday, February 19, 2007

Idiots, idiots, everywhere...

...and absolutely no relief in sight.

If you didn't notice -- and many media outlets are still so busy with Anna Nicole Smith and Britney "Kojak" Spears that they might not notice if the world came to an end around them -- we have the unending spectacle of political biggies acting like raving loons.

Take George Bush. Please. Delivering a truly forgettable "President's Day" speech, he compared the war in Iraq to the American Revolution. I can only guess that he's thinking the Middle East needs its own "George W" to lead it out of misery.

No, that can't be it. Mexico needs Jorge Bush to lead its people out of misery and into the USA, where they can have all the benefits American taxpayers can provide.

Then there's Hillary Clinton. She claims the '08 presidential election is about "breaking barriers," or some such crap.

I'd like to see her "break a barrier:" she could try being honest. For once. This is a woman who has done nothing in the Senate, tried to impose a hideous "health-care" scheme on us while Bubba was president, and has been involved with more shady deals than Meyer Lansky, but has never been called to account for a single one.

Teflon Hillary also mentioned today that South Carolina should dispense with the "Stars and Bars" flag of the Confederacy. Why? Because she thinks all Americans should fight under a single flag in time of war.

Yeah, right.

Is this not the same shrill left-wing wacko who joined with the other cowards in Congress to call for surrender in Iraq? Why is she suddenly concerned about soldiers fighting "under one flag?"

Okay, maybe I'm not sensitive enough. Not being descended from either Confederate soldiers, slave-owners or slaves, I have no dog in this hunt. If the good folks of S.C. want to dump the flag, I say let 'em. If they don't, that's cool, too.

Speaking of flags: I'm damn tired of the Mexican flag flying (symbolically) over the White House and Congress. Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean are still in prison for trying to uphold America's laws, despite flagrant violations of the law committed by Johnnie Sutton, Debra Kanof and the rest of the "Justice Department and Homeland "Security" buffoons carrying out George Bush's orders.

And of course there is another victim, Deputy Sheriff Gilmer Hernandez, who also faces a long stretch in jail for protecting himself when a van-load of illegals tried to run him down. Johnnie Sutton has a hand in this one, too.

Meanwhile, the governor of Michigan is spearheading a plan to welcome illegals to that state to provide cheap labor. There will be advertisements in Mexico offering social services for the illegals who show up in Michigan. The program is called "Venga a Michigan!"

I've long known politicians have no shame. I am beginning to think we should take a stab at doing without all of them for a while. Or, better, throw all their corrupt asses in jail.

Or maybe we should all go on strike.


John said...

There comes a point where it defies reason so much that it seems out of the realm of possibility. The arguments favoring illegal immigration are pure tripe. But I guess if we can compare Iraq and the revolutionary war, anything goes.

Birdie said...

on the flight home I saw the movie "Man of the Year" with Robin Williams... go see it! ALL your point of views are mentioned in it... and it was good to realise that many people "see" the problems at hand.

lowandslow said...

Politicians more than anything else want to be re-elected. to get re-elected they need $$$$. Business wants cheap labor (read: illegals) and they give the politicos mucho $$$$ to insure no interference with their supply of illegals. Take away the incentives for the politicians to get re-elected (via term limits) and they might...just might...put American interests first. It's a moot point, though, because it will NEVER happen.

KauaiFinn said...

Another well-written and hilarious entry! Well done, Scribbler... I am amazed you're not making millions off your writings.

On the subject of going on strike: OH how i WISH the entire population would band together and do something like this! How about a good old "sit in" & singing some good old John Lennon songs...


I think i'm going to twist my hair into dreadlocks. What do you think?

Matt said...

We SHOULD all go on strike. Let's start a campaign to get at least half the country to stop paying taxes. Why should we pay taxes when the people who pay barely receive anything in return?