Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today's hero... Congressman Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA). I think a news release from his office explains it best:

Washington, DC-July 25, 2007- Rep. Dana Rohrabacher challenged U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton to "testify or resign his office" today during a press conference on Capitol Hill to discuss the latest development in the controversial Ramos and Compean Border Agent case. Mr. Rohrabacher called today's press conference to unveil six unconditional, unescorted border crossing visas issued to illegal alien drug smuggler Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila. Mr. Davila was given immunity by the prosecution to testify against the agents and considered to be government's star witness. It has been speculated that the drug smuggler may have used this free border pass to smuggle a second load of drugs into the U.S. four months before the trial. The documents show the illegal drug smuggler was issued two more border passes after the government was made aware of the second smuggling incident.

"The U.S. Attorney's prosecution team lied to the jury by painting a false picture of the smuggler as a one time offender who needed money for his sick mother," said Rohrabacher. "These documents verify drug dealer Aldrete Davila had an unconditional, unescorted access pass to cross into the United States. Free access passes were issued to him even after he was identified by the DEA in a second shipment of narcotics into our country.

"Even, worse, the Administration has been stonewalling our efforts in Congress in an attempt to cover up the depth of bad decision making and misconduct. The indefensible decision by the prosecutors and U.S. Attorney's Office and vindictive focus of this Administration on these two border patrol agents has been evident to the American people for a long time," Rohrabacher proclaimed.

"U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton has refused to testify at next week's hearing ...his office and the Department of Homeland security have done their best to impede our investigation into Ramos and Compean. This shows an arrogance and disrespect for Congress and the American people.

"This new information that we've been able to obtain through a bureaucratic fluke ...underscores that something is really wrong and needs to be explained why the U.S. Attorney would go along with issuing a free pass even after the drug dealer's been associated with a second drug deal.

"I would suggest that what we've learned today justifies the call for Mr. Sutton to either testify under oath before Congress and explain these things or resign as U.S. Attorney. He's kept information from the jury. He kept information from the U.S. Congress. He's manipulated information to the American people by vilifying these agents. He needs to explain himself."

Representatives Duncan Hunter (R-CA), Tom Tandredo (R-CO), Walter Jones (R-NC) and Ed Royce (R-CA) were also in attendance.

I'll admit I think Rep. Rohrbacher wimped out a bit by not commanding Jorge Bush to testify before his committee or resign, but hey, it's a start.

Ignaco Ramos and Jose Compean have, as all living beings with active brainwaves know, done more than six months in prison for the crime of doing something Jorge Bush and his Mexican buddyroos don't like. Which was to uphold the laws and protect American citizens from illegal-alien drug smugglers.

Though most of Congress is too occupied with playing politics to pay attention -- Dianne Feinstein, who held a one-day Senate hearing about the case and called for the commutation of Ramos' and Compean's sentences, is too busy playing kissy-face with Hillary Clinton (who claims to have "no knowledge" of the case) -- a few intelligent and honorable men are fighting for true justice.

So Dana Rohrbacher is today's hero in my book, along with Reps. Tancredo, Jones, Royce and Ted Poe.


sugarcane said...

I'm happy that someone is standing up for the border agents. What's been done to them is a travesty. Plain and simple.

John said...

I definitely agree with your choice for today's hero.
It is good to see a little heat being put on Sutton.
None of this should happen in a free sane country.

Sunny said...

Makes one wonder if they have a deal with Washington, and those drugs.