Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I mean it. Whatever force has laid two hellish weeks on me can stop now. Really.

I get the point. I got it during the last two years, which have not exactly been a bed of roses. Thorn-free roses, anyway.

If the object is to get me thinking about turning out the lights here and going out in search of a nice bridge to live under, success has been achieved.

Once again, I'm in full write-delete-write-delete mode. It might be helpful to explain why I've reached the limits of endurance -- beyond events already chronicled here -- but I just can't do it.

Let's say that what I haven't screwed up has been screwed up for me. What I haven't thrown away has been taken away.

Matters have progressed past any point where good advice and pep talks might tilt matters in my favor. What I need is results. More, I need specific results. As much as I know the possible sources for same, I know with equal clarity that none are forthcoming.

I'm in full Howard Beale-mode tonight.

I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any longer.

Unfortunately, there's no Faye Dunaway around to turn a breakdown into a success this time, Jim.


lubie said...

have you considered a change of scenery? maybe it would be a fres start.

becomingkate said...

I agree. If things aren't going well where you are, a fresh start will get the ball rolling. Where have you always wanted to live?

John said...

Faye would only be trouble.
I'm trying to take the advice the above two offered, myself. If it is an improvement I'll let you know. It is very hard to do when things are stretched as is. It is not impossible once an alternative is found. Risky and unpredictable but new.
Hang in and try like hell to ignore what is not working out. Tough task if your aren't negli9gent by nature.

lowandslow said...

I dunno, Scribbs. I've heard it's getting pretty crowded under some of the nicer bridges around town.

Seriously, friend, things have to change for you, and soon. Whether that means new scenery, a career change, a chance to meet new people...I'll let you decide that. But DO something.

Anonymous said...

Does Faye know of your interest? She'd probably LOVE you!