Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm mad at myself...

...because I haven't done a lick of productive work this weekend. In fact, I haven't written a single word for work in the last week. That's not good.

I doubt it will change for the rest of today. I have tried to get my thoughts arranged for at least one of the two stories I should have written; didn't work.

Instead, after walking, writing about walking, and consuming a pot of tea, I have basically spent the day starting at the walls. And thinking.

Oh yes, thinking. Thoughts I shouldn't have allowed myself to think. They started off nicely enough (the unrealistic part) and went downhill from there when reality kicked in.

I suppose when things aren't going well, it's natural to look back fondly on something that started well and ended badly and think about how it could have ended well -- or, better, not ended -- if this, that or the other thing had or hadn't happened.

Mostly, it's the other things, those over which I had no control, that went wrong....

Nothing good can comes of such thoughts.

And I do need to get some work done. No work, no money, you know.

Wait. I haven't yet seen any money for the last six articles I've written.

Yeah, I feel totally in control of things. Uh-huh. You damn betcha.


justfly said...

You are correct, nothing good can come from those thoughts.
I do wonder sometimes when it is quiet and I begin to think about things of the past, I think about painful things and not positive things. Wonder why are brains do that.

MrScribbler said...

Because they can justfly?

I think it's because we all read too many novels where putting oneself out on the line worked out and led to a happy ending, unrealistic as that is in real life....

Anonymous said...

I know that I watch too many movies with perfect happy endings. That is NOT good for me. Life is not like that.