Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A note of thanks...

...to all who have commented on the last two entries.

All I can say is that if all of you had been able to meet Hobbes in his prime -- which, thankfully, lasted until very recently -- you would have enjoyed him. Throughout his life, he was funnier and more loving than I can describe.

You would have laughed at him as a kitten when, among other things, he suffered from mild narcolepsy. Once, he fell asleep while drinking water. We heard the splash as his head hit the water, and found a very puzzled cat wondering why his face was wet. He would fall asleep (usually on his back) and my then-girlfriend's son could drag him around by his tail.

Later, you would have been amused when we caught him in the back yard, hopping on his hind legs in imitation of a frog he was following. Or sitting on the fence while blue jays, instinctively knowing he was no threat, would stand next to him.

But most of all, you would have been captivated by his friendliness and, if he took to you, his trust that you would never hurt him.

He was a great guy, and I thank all of you for recognizing that.


Interested said...

What a lovely tribute to your friend, Scribbs :)

Canines and felines alike usually like me. Heck, my brothers cat climbed in my suitcase and slept on my shoes, nosey bugger.

Fond memories you will always have of him.

No need to thank those that care.

More ((HUGS)),


Birdie said...

{{{hugs}}} you KNOW I've been thinking about you!

susananne said...

I think a lot of us already feel like we have met him through your journal Mr Scribs...Sending you a hug for today..