Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Today started okay, but got a bit rough.

I had an appointment at noon at a large corporation, where I was to pick something up for an article I'm writing. Said "thing" was not ready -- a last-minute problem cropped up, and each person involved thought someone else would call me so I didn't have to drive 60 miles to get there for nothing -- so, with time to kill, I thought I'd drop in on a friend who works in the same building.

J. is the West Coast Public Affairs Director for this large corporation. Not, as you can imagine, an easy job. He deals with the press, shepherds the company's involvement in outside events, and so on. Though we have been good friends since he arrived to take this job many years ago (his wife and kids are part of that, too), we seldom get much chance to talk.

So I went into the office, and the first thing both J. and his secretary asked me, almost in unison, was "how is Hobbes?" When I told them what happened on Monday, J. was stunned and his secretary was in tears.

There's a reason: when Hobbes was sick about a year ago and needed emergency attention, I was short on money. J. gave me the number to one of his credit cards and said he'd take care of it. I should pay him when I could. As it happened, I was able to return the money a few days later, but it was a gesture of kindness so typical of him. He'll help any friend, in any way he can.

After Hobbes came home, I took a couple of photos of him and sent them, along with a note, to J. His secretary, and a couple of others in the office, fell in love with him and got copies of the pictures for themselves. Every time I saw any of them, Hobbes's name would come up. The last time I talked to any of them, he was healthy and thriving.

Special people.

And a special cat.

This is one of the best reasons to have animals in your life. Given a chance, they spread love around. Hobbes did that very well, both among those who knew him directly and those who simply saw his photos and heard stories about him.


betty said...

I so understand what you mean about bittersweet. I've had dogs and cats that are long gone but they're always in my heart.

Our pets are a huge part of our lives and those who don't understand will never know the love and joy we get from them.

I pity those who don't care about animals. They're missing out on a lot! They ARE family. {{hugs}}

joan said...

Special people indeed. What wonderful friends you have. Sad but lovely story. Hang in there, Scribs.

Birdie said...

I wish I could have had that opportunity to meet him. But I understand you since I have my Shila... not as long as you had Hobbes, but long enough! (a "Birdie" liking cats? heehee)

Couldn't your friend J perhaps find you a job? I think you'd be good in PR....

susananne said...

Having a friend like that is precious. Non intrusive but there if you need them. Hobbes touched the hearts of many and will live on forever. My other cat Felix died a year ago on Saturday and am still missing him terribly, IIcant even bury his ashes yet. Time helps i know that much but its still very raw for you right now.

lowandslow said...

That's a great friend, and a good human being, too. Shame we can't all look after each other like that, huh?

emd said...

He is a great friend for sure. And, I'm just catching up here, late as usual. Sorry to hear about Hobbes. Pets are indeed more than pets; they are family. Sometimes better than family. Take care, scrib!

Sunny said...

I like reading about Hobbes stories. Yes, our pets are family. Take care of you.((hugs))

justfly said...

Wow, what a great, true friend to hand over his credit card number. What a wonderful friend in return for paying him back.

Pets bring people together. Yes, they spread love around :)

sugarcane said...

I don't even know what to say. My thoughts and prayers are with you R.

benb said...

Wow, do I totally agree with that statement about the love animals just spread around.....I miss my dogs terribly. My visit yesterday to the Humane Society only made it worse when I left. I just LOVE to sit here and stroke one of the dog's neck under the ears and talk to them and - well, whatever people do with their pets. I know it's been said too many times, but the truth is too good to pass up: your pets don't complain, they don't nag at you (well, sorta when they're hungry), they don't raise their voices, they like to play, they know when you're happy and they know when you're sad. They know - in their own way - how to empathize with you. The longer you have any given pet, the longer you know them, but more importantly, the more they learn how to identify with YOU. They're amazing creatures and are so wonderful to have around. When everyone leaves you, abandons you, disses you, when you're alone and have seemingly no friends - your pets, in my case, my doggies - are always there, at home, waiting with wagging tails - or whatever you animal does - to greet you.

I'm so sorry for your loss.