Saturday, July 14, 2007

Random news & stuff...

...beginning with some news from my very own town.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles has agreed to pay $600 million to 500 victims of abuse by priests. That averages out to roughly $1.2 million per victim. This is, of course, the scandal that Cardinal Roger Mahony has tried to sweep under the rug by refusing to turn over files documenting the abuse, much less reporting the molester/priests to the police.

If I was one of the victims, that wouldn't be enough to compensate me for the, well, "attentions" of kindly old Father O'Malley. I'd want him strung up by his supposedly-unused reproductive unit, and would insist on the same for the hypocritical Card.

L.A. Catholics can expect to have to lay down the big bucks when the collection plate is passed tomorrow....

And of course the saga of Mayor Antonio "we clean your toilets!" Villaraigosa continues. His latest girl-toy, Telemundo reporter Mirthala Salinas, has been suspended by her station pending an investigation as to her professional ethics.

I wonder if she attended a recent get-together of Villaraigosa, Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and another Mexican-Californian politician? They all have something in common: they have (as the tabloids used to say) "enjoyed the company" of Senorita Salinas.

This is cool stuff for a Telenovela, but since it's happening while these three unworthies are sucking up taxpayers' dollars, it stinks.

Antonio crashed the welcome party of LA Galaxy soccer star David Beckham the other day. He got up to give a speech -- he was not invited -- and was booed by the fans. Some of that may have to do with his support of a Mexican soccer team that plays against the Galaxy....

The man just can't help himself. Show him a TV camera, and he's there. Especially if it's covering the news for a Spanish-language TV station.

This week, it was announced that the population of California will be 60 million by the year 2050. Guess what the predominant ethnic group will be?

Hint: Who did Jorge Bush and the traitors in congress try to give a free pass to recently?

I don't care. I'll be freekin' dead in 2050.

But I'd really, really like to get out of here while I can. California in general and Los Angeles in particular have become a foreign country for this native.


justfly said...

I try to understand your frustrations with the "free pass". I just feel so removed from it being in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area. I don't experience the issues like you do.

I think it would do you good to get out of there while you can. Even though it is good to be well versed on issues, it is also good to be removed from it too.

I feel for the abused of the Catholic Archdiocese although I wish the media would bring out that there are also issues with the Jewish community and Protestants, it is not a problem with just the Catholic community.

lowandslow said...

So get out, Scribbs. I can think of one centrally located city, actually twin cities in the warm south, where the economy is thriving, the cost of living is reasonable, and there are still some English-speakers around. Oh, and did I mention the gorgeous women? (I thought that might get your attention!) :)

John said...

I know what it is like when the home town turns into another country. Especially when there are large elements who make sure you know they own it now and you can go to hell.
CA is worse that what I saw, but it is the same as far as people elsewhwere being fed a tainted picture and having no clue.
Sometimes you either go or buy a tank and declare war.

Sunny said...

Scott! I already invitied him 'here.' MrScribbler, come join me at the lovely beaches. *smiles*

Anonymous said...

Come join us on the east coast Scribby! But not PA, it's too cold in the winter. Go see Sunny in Florida. You can hang out at the beach all day.


kashew said...

I've been toying with the idea of moving out of Ca too. I'm that rare thing, a San Diego Native....and for me to feel alien in my home town simply stinks. But where to go?? I refuse to shovel snow, dislike humidity, and am not overly fond of tornadoes and hurricanes. You can keep excessive heat while you're at it

What's left???

class-factotum said...

I am so ticked off at my church (I am Catholic) for the way they have betrayed the trust of its members. The very first time any of these priests was accused, the bishop (and the parents!!!) should have called the cops. The child molesters should be in prison, not shuffled off to another parish. The bishops who covered up for them should be in prison, too. They are going to have 'splaining to do when they are dead and facing judgment.

MrScribbler said...

c-f -- it didn't happen that way here. The Card, Roge-o Mahony, tried to hide the church's files on abusive priests from the police. He's still trying....

The settlement total is now being reported as $660 million -- $6 mill away from a more appropriate number -- on top of the reported $140 mill already paid out to other victims.

There needs to be a major purge of church leadership, I'd say.