Saturday, July 14, 2007

A preview of our future...

...courtesy of Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

These two political superstars-in-their-own-minds want to eliminate some presidential candidates from "their" debates, because it takes away from their face time. Worse, one of those "not--serious" candidates might slip and actually say something of substance. It's clear from listening to Madame Hillary and King John that neither of them will ever take that risk.

The true face of the modern Democrat Party is beginning to show, and it's both ugly and dangerous. Stifle dissent (their plans to revive the so-called "fairness" doctrine), make sure only the "approved" candidates get to talk, pander shamelessly to whatever audiences they face, replace honesty with the scripted platitudes their focus groups tell them voters want to hear.

How many times do the Democrat voters have to hear this elitist, exclusionary drivel before they turn their collective backs on Hillary, Edwards and the louts in Washington (Feinstein, Pelosi, Reed, Kennedy, et. al.) who won't be happy until everyone who questions their ideas is safely stowed away?

Who needs that crappy First Amendment, anyway?

I'm sure there are Democrats who would welcome open debate, would present their ideas openly for the voters to hear. Sadly, none of the current crop of hacks in Washington seems to want that.

They're as bad a Jorge Bush. If they say something, if they make a decision, everyone else should simply shut the hell up.

If they gain full power, it can't be long before the first "Thoughtcrime" laws are passed.

Orwell was so right. Only he didn't envision a future that might be ruled by Big Sister.


John said...

You just didn't hear it right. John invited her back to his suite for a threesome and some blow.

justfly said...

I would like all to beable to "present their ideas openly and honestly" for voters to hear.