Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Your basic disjointed day.

I managed to get some things done today. I really did.

Unfortunately, none of them actually resulted in finished words for my clients.

It was all peripheral stuff: getting plans made for two days in Alabama next week (I'm not thrilled about the flight-to-on-the-ground-time ratio, but since I have to turn the resulting story around fast, it's probably a good thing) and four days (or more) in Connecticut next month. I also spent time gathering info for stories I'm working on.

Oh, yeah. I took my photographer friend and his girlfriend to the airport and put them on a plane for Europe.

They amaze the hell out of me. They are up to their asses in alligators money-wise, but they make this trip every year. D. tells me he has enough assignments to pay for the trip and more (figure they'll be out roughly $10K for the month) and always finds out that the subsequent payments barely cover the airfare.

Each year for the past three years, they have come home whining and angry, swearing they'll never make the trip again. Each following year, they go again. I'm glad I have resisted the temptation (not difficult, believe me) to go with them when they tender the annual invitation. You see, D. and I went to Italy together on assignment years ago, and I found that he may be the world's worst traveler. His girlfriend might even be worse from what I can tell.

At least I have an excuse for not picking them up when they return. I'll be in Connecticut.

Yes, I'm paying for the flight on that trip. It will be the first time in roughly six years I've had to buy an airline ticket. Not even sure I remember how. But even if the whole thing -- flights, buying drinks for old friends, etc. -- hit $600-$700, I have much more than that in assignments from the trip already set.

So: lots of items on my checklist completed today, but none of the big stuff. Which makes me feel as if I got nothing done.

Bah, humbug.


Anonymous said...

Scribbs - if you can check anything off your list -- you accomplished something. End of story. :-)


lowandslow said...

Alabama? Mercedes? Not exactly your prime "vacation" destination. :)

MrScribbler said...

Nope, l&s. This trip is nothing to do with the Mercedes plant there. But I have to say there's a BBQ joint not far from there that has to rank among the best and I wouldn't mind forsaking Birmingham for Vance just to have another plate o' them ribs....

joan said...

Sounds like you have some positive things coming up.

Knowing who NOT to travel with is huge, eh!