Friday, May 25, 2007

It's not that I have nothing to say...'s that I have nothing nice to say. Not even anything neutral.

In short, everywhere I turn I see and hear things that irritate, anger, depress and disgust me.

I went through all of yesterday without talking to another human being. Lonely, but better than the choice of people I could have talked with.

I wonder where this will all lead. After all, I only have until next Friday to transform myself into some semblance of a social animal for my four days of heat & humidity in Connecticut. Actually, that should be no problem...I can fake it very well even if I'm not in the mood.

This is not me. I'm basically a friendly person who likes to be around people.

It's just that the people I want to be around -- current, and as-yet unmet -- aren't available. And an individual or two (or three) I thought I wanted to be around have either pissed me off or weirded me out.

If this keeps up, I won't need an apartment, much less a house.

Just a cave.


lowandslow said...

There's a hefty reward for Ussma bin Laden, if you should happen to run across him in one of those caves. :)

Seriously, Scribbs, I hope you can somehow manage to have a pleasant, long weekend. Take care, friend.

justfly said...

There are times I just have to stop reading the news.
I hope your trip to the fabulous Northeast will be a pleasant, wonderful time.

John said...

I identify too well with this. It is highly possible I will go three or four days without talking to anyone. I'm sick of it big time.
It's no condition to fall into, but sometimes there is simply no one nearby who is reasonable company.
If you can avoid it I highly recommend doing so.