Saturday, May 05, 2007

Off to the desert... meet up with some friends. It's more an excuse to get away from work than a strong desire to show up there, but it should be fun nonetheless.

And it's an excuse to get out of this miserable city, where the last vestiges of sanity, reality, fairness and law have finally vanished. The illegals have taken over -- aided and abetted by our mayor, a Professional Mexican and advocate for reconquista, the city council (made up of Professional Mexicans and limousine liberals) and the local headman of the Catholic Church, who divides his time between coddling pedophile priests and pimping for illegals -- and there is no room here for citizens or legal residents.

I'll be back tonight, mainly because I can't take Hobbes and those few possessions I care about with me.

I may even have pictures...who knows?


lowandslow said...

Have you considered the tapes "Learn Spanish For Fun and Profit"?

Have fun today. :)

Birdie said...

have fun!! that's an order! :-)

kashew said...

Have a great time......desert should be in full bloom. Take lots of pics!

kathy said...

I'm at home doing dishes - wish I were taking a day trip :(
Have a good time!

Sunny said...

Yay! I hope you had lots of fun with your friends!

I was able to get three loads (actually one load, three times)

in my little cart on wheels over to my new place this afternoon. It's only a block over from here.