Monday, May 21, 2007

I heard a good anaolgy...

...about the act of treason being pushed by the Senate and Jorge Bush:

"If you steal a car, are sentenced to jail and then set free, that's amnesty. But they don't give you back the car."

Which is exactly what the mindless cretins in Washington are preparing to do. I heard one of Bush's toadies whimpering about how we will create a "permanent underclass" in this country if we don't simply fling open the gates, give amnesty to the estimated 20 million or so illegals in the country now, and sign them up for welfare.

The bill will create a permanent underclass: they're called U.S. citizens.

Why are Senators so concerned about saving Mexico from the disasters that its corrupt government has caused? Why are they so insistent that the illegals should have every right law-abiding U.S. citizens and legal residents have, and more?

Even though Senators were apparently shocked by the avalanche of emails, telegrams, faxes and phone calls they have received from sane constituents and have begun to hedge and waffle a bit, it still seems that the combined efforts of our despicable president and the reprehensible majority party in Congress will bear fruit, and they will achieve their cherished goal.

Which, ultimately, is to fold the United States into a North American Union with a common currency, no borders and a new ruling government that can wipe out our rights and push us into the chaos of socialism.

The bill is 300-plus pages of lies, deception and surrender to lawlessness.

This is no time to remain silent and walk meekly over the cliff like a nation of lemmings.

It is a time to stand up to the most pernicious enemy we have ever faced: our own government.

Amazing, isn't it? A nation that has stood strong for more than 230 years, destroyed by the combined efforts of a drink-addled killer blessed with a magic last name and a total incompetent who would surely be living on welfare if he hadn't ridden his daddy's coattails for all his adult life.

A writer who suggested such a story would have been laughed out of every publisher's office where he tried to peddle it.

And yet, we're about to live the scenario.


Pragmaticite said...

One House Rep. I'd spare from the guillotine is Rep. Mike McCaul of TX.

His report on the urgent need for serious immigration reform, "A Line in the Sand," should be required reading for anyone who intends to vote:

MrScribbler said...

I agree...I'd also make exceptions for Reps. Tancredo (CO) and Hunter (CA).

I would also note that you, I, and thousands of concerned Americans almost certainly know more about the provisions of S.1348 than our rotten Senators do.

lowandslow said...

It must be about votes, and (business) campaign contributions, and corporate bottom lines. If not that, what then? I don't get it.

Kim said...

I have to say, I don't agree with you Scrib. Many Australians were very scared about illegal immigrants "invading" the country a few years ago. However, we have almost full employment at the moment and need immigrants to keep the economy churning. So next year we're increasing the entry to 300,000 people. Not bad for a country of only 20 million people. Apart from the humanitarian reasons such as refugees, it's important for Australia to continue it's history of multiculturalism.

However, I can see that America is in a different situation. Australia is an island and doesn't have the boarder issues that the US has.

But the black market issues created by illegal immigrants are, from a socio-economic standpoint, quite an issue. Not only are people living below the poverty line, but are being exploited. To recognise this and address it is a major step towards eliminating it.

This is not such a huge issue in Australia, because it's hard to get into the country and most of the people who overstay their visas are from England or Ireland, and are more willing to return to a first world country than if they were being forced to return to a third world country.

I'll keep an eye on the news out of the US this week to see what happens. It'll be interested to see what happens.

MrScribbler said...

Kim -- I wouldn't mind moving to Oz, but I'm pretty sure y'all wouldn't accept me. I know NZ wouldn't.

No one, including me, is opposed to immigration. The majority of Americans prefer legal immigration, though.

John said...

The proliferation of violent organized crime and the fact that many violent fugitives are here because of Mexico's corruption and our compliance seems to elude most news and the consciousness of people not affected.
Measures could be taken on both sides to make it a better thing.
We are being sold out, which is far different from being opposed to ethnic groups.
I doubt I can wander into Australia and avail myself of social services and launch protests as an illegal, and without a lot of pull I can't reside there legally.

sugarcane said...

All we really need to do about illegal immigration is to enforce the laws currently on the book. It's just not that hard to understand. Our senators are idiots.

Thanks for the great post!

MrScribbler said...

You're too logical, sugarcane. Your political career is dead before it starts.