Monday, May 21, 2007

Today's the day...

...when those Senators hell-bent on destroying the United States start pushing their traitorous "comprehensive immigration reform" legislation.

Over the weekend, perhaps at the same time as I was wading through the 326-page draft version of the "let everyone in" bill, one of Jorge Bush's top toadies, Michael Chertoff (the headman at the laughable Department of Homeland "Security") was quoted as saying "If anyone has a better idea for controlling immigration, let's hear it."

Here ya go, Mike.

Simple version: Since estimates of the cost of the Bush-Kennedy-McCain bill are estimated at of $2.5 trillion (not counting the resulting destruction of the already-failing Social Security system as illegals start cashing in) and the pro-illegal crowd whines that it would cost $60 billion to round up and deport all illegals currently here, let's simply take the cost-effective option. Deportation is a job Americans will do, let me tell you.

Second simple version: Adopt Mexico's immigration laws. The only way foreigners can live in Mexico (or even stay there for more than a very short time) is to bring lots of money with them. Even then, they are denied most of the rights legal residents in other countries are given. Illegal immigration to Mexico is a felony, and no one wants to risk doing time in a Mexican slammer.

Yes, this is the same country that is hounding the U.S. government to change our "inhumane" immigration policies....

So. What I learned from wading through all the typical government verbal diarrhea in the upcoming legislation were these things:

1. Once an illegal applies for legal residency, the government has 24 hours to complete a background check. After that, it's free-pass time;

2. Not one of the restrictions or punishments imposed on illegals by the bill has to be enforced. Each has a loophole allowing the government to simply turn away from enforcement;

3. Illegals will not have to pay taxes they have evaded prior to applying for residency;

4. Illegals of school age will be eligible for preferential college tuition fees and for all sorts of educational assistance many legal residents won't get;

5. Though the only immediate benefit illegals can apply for is free medical care, they will be eligible for welfare, housing assistance, food stamps and other government handouts within a short time. If they have a child here -- which automatically confers citizenship on the child -- they then can apply for the full range of freebies instantly.

There's more -- lots more -- but these five illustrate the total lunacy of "comprehensive immigration reform." If this isn't amnesty, it's a damn good substitute.

I keep coming back to one question: What is the incentive for politicians, business leaders, some unions and too many media outlets to push for an act that bankrupts us, rewards lawlessness and floods the nation with millions of under-educated, usually semi-skilled illegals (and any damn blood relatives they choose to bring with them) who will soak up far more of taxpayers' money than they can possibly contribute?

Though I can guess at the answer -- think massive bribery -- it doesn't really matter.

The mere fact that these traitorous bastards are willing to sacrifice their own citizens to do the bidding of a corrupt foreign government and help corporate greedheads push down wages is enough.

Every Senator who votes for this bill should be arrested, tried and imprisoned, along with Jorge Bush and his flunkies.

Treason is, after all, a felony.

We may see the end of the United States this week.

UPDATE: Read Dr. Ron Paul's comments here. Thank God there are a few sane people left in politics!


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Birdie said...

you should run for president!!! ;-)

Pragmaticite said...

I spent all today asking this question in gov't offices, talk shows, forums, etc. ->

"If we know that terrorists are sneaking into the US via Mexico (see Rep. McCaul's "Line in the Sand" report *), and if we really are in a war on terror, then doesn't any immigration bill granting legalization or amnesty to illegal aliens amount to treason?"

A rep at the US Atty. Gen. Ofc. in San Diego was the only honest answer I've got so far: "You'll never get a straight answer because the answer is "yes!"

betty said...

I agree with birdie. :)