Friday, May 25, 2007

There are lies, damned lies...

...and then there's the New York Times, which exemplifies everything I despise about liberals: the snooty, know-better tone of passing along the "truth," the absolute freedom to lie, distort and attack, all in the name of the "greater good" as chosen by nanny-state power-hungry traitors.

You have probably heard about the latest Times/CBS poll, have heard the trumpeting of the media and the pro-illegal political hacks about a poll the poll allegedly indicating that "66% of all Americans prefer amnesty*."

It's a lie.

A big lie.

You can read the Times's version of the story here, I think. You may have to be registered to read it. Other pro-illegal outlets will no doubt be spreading the lies.

What you must do -- painful as it is -- is dig a little deeper. The Times actually makes that possible, publishing a PDF file (may also require registration, but it's free) listing the questions and breaking down the results. Look for it here.

What you learn after wading through the bilge are these things:

1. Respondents were asked more than 100 questions, many dealing with the Iraq war and not illegal immigration;

2. The questions about illegal aliens and border enforcement were general, and not directly related to the provisions of the Senate's destroy-America bill;

3. (and this is the big one) Every immigration question except the one vaguely worded question asking if respondents favored some undefined "path to citizenship" for illegals without setting conditions or time limits (that's the one that got 66% in favor) reflected, usually by a two-to-one margin or more, that these people want the borders secured, current laws enforced, and believe illegal aliens do the country more harm than good.

Logical conclusion: If the Times's own poll shows that most Americans are sensible and are against the perfidy being planned in Washington, it is the paper's duty to lie in order to advance their open-borders agenda.

This sounds suspiciously like a comment made by the egregious Seantorette Barbara Boxer attacking Jorge Bush over Iraq war funding today: "we (Senators) are here because the public demands action on Bush's failed policies."

If Boxer and the other traitors in Congress actually listened to what "the public demands" on immigration, they wouldn't have the guts to sell us all out, even if corrupt, lying Jorge Bush and alcohol-sodden Teddy Kennedy want it.

Oh, yes: Bush lied again today, too (what a surprise!): he claimed that illegals wouldn't become legals residents until all enforcement provisions (such as they are) in this "comprehensive" bill are up and running.

The truth: If Bush signs the bill, 20 million lawbreakers can theoretically become legal within 24 hours.

Even gangbangers. All they have to do is sign a paper "renouncing" their gang ties.

More and more, I am convinced that the time for a revolution -- with luck, nonviolent -- has come. The treasonous attitudes permeating Washington -- and the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and a host of other media outlets and limousine liberals -- needs to be weeded out. Now.

Who needs al Qaeda when you have Jorge Bush and too many members of Congress doing the work of destruction for them?

* Errr, excuse me..."comprehensive immigration reform."


John said...

69% said that illegals caught working in the US should be prosecuted and deported

62% said that most recent immigrants dop not attempt to learn English is a reasonable amount of time.

They cherry picked and "digested" results to say what they wanted us to believe we think.

betty said...

I say we get rid of all of them and start over!