Wednesday, May 23, 2007


As a friend's journal entry today reminded me, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean remain in prison.

Who cares? Jorge Bush and the U.S. Senate clearly do not. They are busy in Washington, living large, making big pronouncements and getting ready to unfurl the flag of surrender over our laws and national sovereignty.

Does it occur to any of them that their traitorous legislation rewarding lawbreakers and punishing citizens and legal residents will have an ironic side effect?

Here it is: If Osvaldo Aldrete Davila -- the serial drug-smuggler/illegal alien and all-around scumbag whose perjured testimony, along with pressure from Jorge and his butt-lickers, sent Ramos and Compean to prison -- applies for amnesty under the program that now seems almost certain to pass, chances are excellent he would be a legal U.S. resident in 24 hours.

And Ramos and Compean would still be in prison.

Those two men committed the crime of attempting to uphold our laws and protect themselves; same goes for Gilmer Hernandez.

Look at the crime our worthless president, killer/degenerate Teddy Kennedy, crooked Harry Reid and a host of bribe-taking, unprincipled shitweasels in the Senate are about to commit:

They are going to destroy our nation. And send us the bill. All to make a bunch of future slaveowners and the drug cartels that run Mexico happy.

Removal from office is not good enough for them. Each supporter of this insanity, from Bush to his flunkies to each Senator or Representative who has signed on to this treason, should be in prison right now.

In a Mexican prison.

And Ramos and Compean should be walking the streets of America -- the real America, the land where laws are laws and freedom doesn't mean inviting terrorists, druggies, gangbangers and those who come only to take from our bounty without thought of giving in return -- as free men.

Each of us must work toward the day when the innocent are free and the real criminals pay the price for their high crimes and misdemeanors.


lowandslow said...

"Shitweasels in the Senate". Haha! What about the Shitweasels in the House?

John said...

It never ceases to amaze me that when they can't or won't enforce the laws on the books they pretend that they need to make some new complicated garbage to solve the problem their conscious lack of enforcement caused.
^The corruption is so blatantly obvious, I can't believe they get away with it.