Thursday, May 10, 2007

Catalina Island is burning.

At least the south-eastern part of it is. Unfortunately, that's where Avalon, the island's only city, is located.

The last news I've heard is that 500-plus acres have burned, and there have been some evacuations in town. Many houses and structures are of wood-frame construction, and date back to the rebuilding done after a similar fire some 100 years ago burned out the entire town.

It's hard for me to picture what might happen. When I was there a few weeks ago, all seemed so placid.

It's different tonight.

Avalon is below, and to the left, of the flames in this picture, which was taken just after sunset.

I'm guessing the streak on the left of the image in this 15-second exposure was one of the aircraft that are dropping fire-retardant chemicals on the fire.


Justfly said...

Oh noooooo...Catalina Island is a beautiful place. This is very sad news.

picaboblu said...

That is a real shame. I hope they are able to save the town.

Birdie said...

oh no!!!! and I had hoped to visit it on my next trip!! how did it start, do they know? *snif*

DAL said...

Jeez. This is horrible. I need to google this.

simplepleasures said...

Oh no! That's terrible, Scribbs! :(

Sunny said...

Hi MrScribbler, that's sad. We are currently having 236 fires burning in Florida.

We have thick heavy smoke here in St Petersburg.

I had to seal my entry door with packaging tape becaise the smoke is in the hallways.

Stay safe! ((hugs))

Mark said...

hello all

i am seeking ANY AND ALL INFORMATION Regarding a Resident of AVALON, Catalina ISLAND.
His name is GEorge Scott, 1 time mayor and newspaper delivery man of all the newspapers to the local residents, he would be in maybe his late 60's or 70's by now in his life,
my name is Mark and i used to live on the Island working for George scott selling the papers over 25 years for him,

from what i do Personally know of the fire at this time, 10:30AM PST, it has YET TO HIT ANY MAJOR CITY Structures and housing, as i have lived on the island growing up for 15 years every summer and weekends (up til late 1988) last visit was 96, it has been 1 of the HIDE Outs to many mainland residents, maintained and kept up by those that live locally in the city.

The fire was started in between what is refered to as the AIRPORT IN THE SKY (because it is located on a hilltop) and the city which is about 40 minute taxi ride from the city limits

the buildings that were damaged from what i can remember were located roughy near the beginning stages of the fire, in the outskirts of the city i believe...

i know as an interested citizen and 1 time islander i am eager to know if those i once knew who lived on the island still are ok, this island hasnt had a major fire like this in over 80 years so its hopefull everything will be ok, just pray and keep your fingures crossed,

visiting the island is not cheap either, but when you do go the memories or far better than what you ever would think of i have yet to goto hawaii But i look at catalina island as a smaller version of just that :) with a romantic mystic friendly atmospher e and many other great things :)

contact me at for any updates to george scott a local islander

thanks and take care

Anonymous said...

Aaaanold says 10% contained, not many buildings lost and residents returning.

joan said...

What a shame. I haven't had the news on and this is the first I've heard of it. How awful.