Monday, May 07, 2007

While I'm waiting...

...for my computer to finish sending six high-resolution photos to a client -- it was either that or give him my username and password for a couple of press-only websites, which I ain't gonna do no-how -- I might as well take my mind off the slowness of DSL service (and the expense of cable, which I don't feel like paying for) and sit here where it's cool.

"Normal" weather has finally arrived. It's almost 90 right now Where The Ghetto Meets The Sea. With little wind and the ocean so close, the humidity is approaching what are, for me, uncomfortable levels. That's good, as it appears I may have to spend two days in Alabama early next week and I need to get some practice sweating.

Work is suddenly piling up. I had planned to do six articles over the next two weeks, but since I'll be out of town for the better part of four days -- and the editor will want the story from Alabammy immediately upon my return -- I'm going to have to pick up the pace.

This is actually good. When I panic, and start hurling those verbal dung-balls at the editors, I seem to do better work. It is possible to spend too much time revising, smoothing and cleaning up the work; that happens to be one of my bad work habits.

And once the momentum builds, I should be able to finish the pieces I really don't want to write without even noticing.

Can't say it's going to make me all that much money, of course. Certainly not immediately. Some checks will dribble in within a few days, others are literally months away.

The best part is that I'll be able to front the money for a trip to Connecticut in early June. That's work-related, too, but will have a lot of fun and relaxation mixed in. All I really need to come up with is airfare (a JetBlue flight is easiest as far as airport selection goes, which makes my frequent-flier miles useless), the price of a couple meals and a tank of gas, and I'm good to go. The people who invited me pick up the hotel and are offering several free-meal opportunities.

Downside? Almost none. Except I still have bad memories of Connecticut summer heat and humidity endured while standing around outdoors in a blazer and tie, which is what I'll be doing this time, too.

Hell, if the checks come fast enough, I just might buy a second blazer, so I can wear one while the other is drying out.

I see the last of the images has completed its journey out of my computer, so I have no excuse for not getting back to work....

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Justfly said...

Hopefully the humidity will not be that bad in June in Connecticut. Geesh Scribby, we are still not finished with Winter here on the Eastcoast!
I had to scrap the car windows yesterday morning!