Saturday, May 12, 2007

The word-tank is empty.

Sorry, but those few words left lying around in puddles on the floor have to be conserved for paying clients, one of who hit me late yesterday with a last-minute rush-rush job that kept me up most of the night.

I sent that one off early this morning, and now have to shift gears and write a feature article on a far different subject before I leave Monday morning.

Of course I also have to go shopping, do laundry and take a stab at cleaning the apartment before then as well....

I don't want to write. I'm not enjoying it.

My entire life these days consists of work and people making demands on me.

I'm damn sick of working to please others without return.


Birdie said...

it's always a bummer when you turn your hobby into a career... I did that with both my dancing and flying, now I don't really enjoy either like I used to.... but a birdie has to fly, doesn't she? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stand it when I used to have to write for work or would just wreck me for it. Sorry hon.


KauaiFinn said...

I'm feeling the very same way you are.

And am feeling extremely spread thin (as it sounds you are as well)

Hoping you find some R&R time - and that writing becomes pleasurable to you again!


SunnyLane said...

Hi MrScribbler, well it certainly sounds like you were busy!

I'm moving today and tomorrow, and have to do some food shopping this morning,

while we are "smoke-free" for a few days.

Stay safe!

John said...

I haven't been able to get brilliant comments to post for awhile. Maybe this one will.
You continue to produce in spite of all, and even if it is frustrating, it is a virtue. That may serve you better than is readily visible. Keep rocking. It is better than shutting down, believe me.