Monday, May 07, 2007

It's time for Americans... take back our nation. Without some kind of concerted action, we will lose those few rights we have left while the government hands our jobs, money and lives over to illegal aliens.

Jorge Bush is enjoying a dinner only the wealthiest Americans -- and Mexican drug lords -- could afford with Queen Elizabeth, while Ignaco Ramos and Jose Compean are eating whatever swill their jailers care to toss at them.

Bush is doing his damndest to hand the country to his pals on the other sides of our borders; Ramos and Compean were racked up for having the nerve to actually enforce the laws Bush so casually flouts.

But the one-too-many incident that has pushed my anger past the boiling point happened here in Los Angeles on May 1st.

By now, the entire planet -- except, maybe, for a few goatherds in remote mountains somewhere -- knows that the evil, vicious, hate-filled goons of the Los Angeles Police Department brutally attacked a group of peaceful, law-abiding illegal aliens who were marching to demand their "rights."

Except that simply isn't the whole story.

The police in question were facing a barrage of rocks and bottles coming from agitators in the crowd. Whether the cops over-reacted is a matter for debate and sober, honest investigation. If some of them did, they should be disciplined after said investigation. Their biggest "crime," it seems to me, was laying heavy hands on some reporters who have been howling nonstop ever since.

I have seen much of the video shot during this incident, and I see little reason to criticize the cops.

But the fire is being kept burning by our corrupt, pro-illegal mayor, Antonio ("we clean your toilets!") Villaraigosa. He is so committed to driving the last gabacho out of "his" city that he will go to any lengths to keep the anti-police, anti-white sentiments at full boil.

And he has help. Cardinal Roger Mahony, the pedophiles' best friend, is chomping at the bit to fill his pews with illegals. Of course the Los Angeles Times supports Villaraigosa and amnesty for illegal aliens unreservedly.

Worse, our Chief of Police, the formerly hard-assed New Yorker, Bill Bratton, has been so emasculated by Villaraigosa and the other Professional Mexicans in city government that he has already disciplined two of the police commanders on the scene before an investigation can be completed.

That will teach the cops. It will teach them that their asses belong to the illegals and they can never expect any support from their own organization.

All of the trumpeting of "unfairness" and "violence" and "racism" obscure some basic facts:

1. Many of the marchers are in the country illegally;

2. Cops in this town are already at risk when dealing with the illegals. Between drunks, criminals and gang members, they are, and long have been, in the crosshairs;

3. The incident was started by some among the illegals who threw rocks and bottles at the police.

Once the police are thoroughly cowed and unsupported (assuming disgusted cops don't start resigning in large numbers), Villaraigosa and the illegals -- among whom one can find members of particularly vicious street gangs, murderers and rapists -- will have the city totally under their control, and all citizens who are not among their preferred national group living in constant fear.

And when that happens, the way for Jorge Bush, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi and their dreams of slave labor, slave voters and personal power in a "North American Union" that will strip away the last of our rights, our jobs and our safety will be made so much easier.

If they all prefer the company of Mexicans, let them move there en masse. We can only hope they take moral cowards like Bratton and vile "religious" leaders like Mahony with them.

I only hope it's not too late even now.


lowandslow said...

I just read article about how un-liveable NYC was becoming before the rough, tough Mayor Giuliani took over and cleaned things up (some). Maybe what you need is a west coast rough, tough mayor of your own. Question is, how bad will things have to get before you take action? Is California too liberal, too politically correct to ever admit they have a problem?

MrScribbler said...

California is almost lost, lowandslow. Too many liberals who buy the "diversity" b.s., and believe everything would be fine if we only let everyone in and shut down the police.

What they haven't learned is that they will be no more welcome in the resulting "Brave New World" than those of us who see the collapse of sanity and law coming.

John said...

People who have not seen their city rudely taken have no idea what disrespectful immigration procedures can do.
The long time native citizens take the hit while immigrants, legal and illegal, are given preferential treatment.
The backlash is labelled racist.

Michaelangeloh said...

Im just afraid as soon as Hillary takes office,the powers enacted by Bush will become our worst nightmare.We thought we were in a funk now.I forsee her as one who uses those powers more than Bush ever thought about,then freedom as we know it will be just a name.A few words of wisdom from those who have been there..... An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. ~Winston Churchill....No man can tame a tiger into a kitten by stroking it. There can be no appeasement with ruthlessness. There can be no reasoning with an incendiary bomb. ~Franklin D Roosevelt Tell me we have forgotton those mistakes we made only to repeat them.I say we have and the outcome will be the same.Looks like another depression and world wars.Only this time we lose?