Saturday, April 29, 2006

My Public-Service Posting...

...since certain misguided fools have decided to rewrite The Star-Spangled Banner and turn it into a Spanish-language hymn celebrating ethnocentrism, illegal activity and -- once again -- disrespect for this country, I thought it would be only fair to translate the Mexican anthem into English.

"Cuál es la salsa al ganso es salsa al gander," don't you think?

Unfortunately, my Spanish wasn't up to the job, so I put it through Google's translation software and got it done quickly:

Mexican, to the shout military the steel you prepare and bridón;
and retiemble in its Earth centers
To the sonorous one rugir of the tube.
Mother country fits oh! your sienes of olive Of La Paz arcángel divine,
That in the sky your eternal destiny
By the finger of God was written.
But if it will dare a enemy stranger
To profane with his plant your ground,
It thinks oh dear mother country!
that the sky a soldier in each son gave you.
War, war without truce to which tries Of the mother country to stain the blazons!
War, war! The patrios banners In the blood waves you soak.
War, war! In the mount, in the valley the horrísonos tubes roar and the sonorous echoes resonate
With the voices of Union! Freedom!
Before, mother country, that inermes your children
Under the yoke their neck fold,
Your countrysides with blood are watered, On blood prints their foot.
And your temples, palaces and towers collapse with hórrido roar, and their ruins exist saying:
Of thousand heroes the mother country was here.
Mother country! mother country!
Your children swear Exhalar to you in your altars their breath, If the bugler with its warlike accent summons
Them to fight with value. For you the olive garlands!
A memory for them of glory! A laurel for you of victory!
A tomb for them of honor!
Mexican, to the shout military the steel you prepare and bridón, and retiemble in its Earth centers To the sonorous one rugir of the tube.

Stirring, isn't it?

Makes me want to go out and rugir a tube....


Net-sahib said...

Doesn't that song start out with "Jose, can you see..."?

I should try that translator sometime.

Whatsername said...


Kim said...

You should try the Australian Anthem! We are all "young and free", our soil is "golden" and we are "gert by sea". Gert?!!! GERT?!!!

MrScribbler said...

Gert, eh? She must have been a good friend of the anthem's composer!

Not "girt," huh?

sexaddict41 said...

Kind of makes me want to move to Mexico. That'll leave a free spot here for, yet, another illegal.

MrScribbler said...

sexaddict -- Unfortunately, Mexico isn't likely to let you in! And if, by some miracle, they decide to do so, you'll never have any rights worth thinking about there....

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