Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm perplexed... inexplicable behavior.

I established a journal here simply because I was unhappy with the attitude of those who work for the site that hosts my old one. I liked the place, but not the whiny, immature attitude of its admins.

When a friend had trouble with an admin who took offense at something he perceived -- but did not actually see -- in a message she sent regarding a new site feature that wasn't working properly, I chose to make an attempt to smooth things over. I wrote to said admin, and got a sulky reply for my efforts. Since this followed other public temper tantrums by the same person, I decided I'd had enough.

But the reaction of some people I like and respect at the old site leaves me puzzled and, frankly a wee bit hurt.

At departure, I advised everyone (via my old journal) of the reasons I was leaving, and urged all readers to refer to my friend's site for a full explanation of what led her to leave. I also posted the exchange of messages between the admin and me.

Here's the confusing part:

The reaction was, in many quarters, a defense of the admin not based on knowing the facts. Some posted comments of their own, taking my friend to task for her use of inappropriate language. Some said, in essence, they wouldn't bother to read what she -- and the admin -- wrote; their minds were made up. She was wrong, and the admin -- to whom she, and I, and many others paid money for a service -- was perfectly right to whimper and threaten to go away and no longer help his customers.

In short, they did not wish to be confused with the facts. Their attitude is: My cyber-home, right or wrong. Because that particular journal-keeping site is very community/friend oriented, they were willing to take the admin's side without considering that it was his attitude that transformed an innocuous "word" into a Very Big Deal.

PARENTHETICAL THOUGHT: If I had been there when she wrote the original message, I might well have advised her not to use the cheeky subject line she used. But it must also be said that communication in this cyber-world tends to be more informal than traditional forms of message-writing, and in the end a certain amount of tolerance is demanded from all of us.

There are intolerant people everywhere, on every journal-keeping site, in every town, city and village in the world. I am, in some respects, one of them.

But the comments of those I left behind at my old "home" surprised me. And saddened me.

I have to wonder about people who are so loyal to what amounts to a server and a pile of software that they won't take the time to understand someone else's discontent with its operator. They criticize her -- and me -- for choosing a new place to write, yet cannot be bothered to figure out why.

I'm certainly willing to continue to go back to the old site and read them (and others whom I like and enjoy reading), but they consider me somehow disloyal for leaving, and find the effort to click on my new journal -- an effort that takes them away from their "home" -- too great.

Oh, well. Perhaps if I understood this, it wouldn't bother me so much.


Ma Titwonky said...

JS is well known for being run by immature crybabies. It is also being dictated to by immature users who, with no proof of anything, make wild accusations that are taken seriously. That is no way to run a business, and eventually (as we with a few years under our belts know) JS will manage to trash itself into nothing.

All of that aside, it's nice to see loyalty still exists.

Anonymous said...

This comment could have been written by any one of a number of people. You chose to defend the actions of another blogger which, to some, are indefensible (cheeky? C'mon Scrib - try to get real).

Then when your efforts were rebuffed, you copped an attitude and not only were you going to leave, but you asked all your loyal readers to go too. So third grade. C'mon, lets take our ball and go find a better game....

I think many decided to just bite their tongues and say nothing, but this kind of attitude is hardly going to engender a lot of respect.

I was actually gratified to see one blogger whom I respect (and no, it isn't me) apologizing to the admin today.

You are free to do and act as you please, but should not be surprised if other people see your actions as childish and petulant. I guess they feel to say so because they can do so anonymously. Just as I am doing.

MrScribbler said...

You're certainly welcome to your opinion, "anonymous."

I'd give it more credence if you had the nerve to step up to the plate and stand behind your criticism of me openly.

In my opinion, throwing rocks from a hiding place is a pretty good indicator of childishness and petulance.

Anne said...

I haven't been out to play for several days Mr.
I've been trying to duck all the crap that has been goin on at JS. I haven't posted anything worth lookin at cuz I wanted to get away from that top 50 list. I'm not sure if I have a blog here or not. I'll have to go and look. Seems to me I signed up for a hundred blogs before I settled at JS.
Anyway, you'll see me as a regular reader, unregular commentor as I usually am.

MrScribbler said...

Anne, wherever you have a journal, I'll be there to read you! It's so good to see you around, and I miss your wonderful sense of humor and style!

BDraggs said...

I'm trying to see both sides of the issue. I think Whatsername has a right to be angry at Dylans' response because she was, really, innocent of trying to offend...and I, also, see that Dylan - who runs the site alone and, in essence, hears nothing but endless complaining - is fed up, and people who are fed up often react exactly the way he did as they are burnt out.

I know there is a solution in store. I'm wondering if it's possible for Dylan to choose a few bloggers who are known for being fair, calm and just to field complaints for him - you know, soothe the ruffled feathers, bring the serious complaints to his attention, do a little maintainence on their own site. What do you think?

MrScribbler said...

bdraggs -- I'm sure Dylan could find a few people to help. But he'd have to ask for it, and possibly demonstrate that he's not going to get upset when they relay problems to him.

It'd be an interesting experiment! Perhaps those who have been most scornful of anyone who dares criticize JS would jump at the chance to work with him....

harpo said...

Hola Scrib
all the labels here are in Korean so I am not sure how this will register.
Sounds like a few ripples in the sea. I'll read up when I get out of New Z.

Kim said...

*waves* - hello over here. I'll add you to my "links" bit on JS. Aiyee! This is getting confusing! Luckily you and Whatser are worth it!

Devin said...

Come on Scribs, you are old enough to know that regardless what you do there will always be critics. Someone will always be there to tear you down or slander you, the only question is whether you listen to it and give them power over you or you just let it go.

Wishing you all the best with your new venture.