Saturday, April 15, 2006

...before I go on...

...I finally feel right at home here in my new little corner, and all credit for that is due to sweet Whatsername, who so kindly transformed a standard template into something I quite like.

The header image appeared in my old journal. In fact, it still appears there...rather than transferring a bunch of old stuff from there to here, I'll just refer anyone who's interested to relevant snippets from my past.

Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that Whatsername appointed me her adopted father some time ago, and has proceeded to be a warm, wonderful friend ever since. She was before that, as well.

And this is just my little way, inadequate though it may be, of thanking her for the layouts, the friendship, and everything else.


BDraggs said...

We might end up flooding Blogger if we make an effort.

silentwhisper said...

Oh Scrib,I miss you already,sighs.What-the-bleep is happening to writing communities,anyway!!!
((Shakes my head))

Glad to see that your not completely gone though.And this new journal? well it looks just like home.Smiles.

Many hugs my friend~

Dee~ crossing over back and forth:)

netmale said...

I agree with silent, it looks very homey. If I had enough things to say for two sites, I might open one here.

Whatsername said...

I'M A BUNNY!!!!!!

*hop hop*