Monday, April 30, 2007

Uno de Mayo

Tomorrow, illegal aliens and their supporters will try to shut down downtown Los Angeles to call attention to their demands. The school district has asked students to come to school instead of joining the march, but will provide taxpayer-funded buses to take them home if they do go. Cardinal Roger Mahony, who is is as supportive of illegals as he is of pedophile priests, is quivering with anticipation that various political whores will show up to show solidarity.

What they want is for us to forget, as Jorge Bush and his gang of idiots, misguided limousine liberals, would-be slave owners and "concerned citizens" who wander around with loopy "born-again" smiles on their faces blathering about "diversity" have, that Jorge was once caught saying these words:

"People who are in this country illegally have broken the law."

I grant you that's a pretty dimwitted, simplistic statement -- as most of Jorge's comments are -- but the basic point is correct.

Yesterday, there was a pro-illegals rally at the local park. Not much of a turnout -- even though this area is full of illegals -- and no green-and-white buses waiting to offer free rides back to the border.

The latter raises a question: if I applied for a permit to hold a pro-marijuana rally at the park, would it be granted? And would the authorities look the other way if the crowd was full of Rastafarians puffing mightily on their spliffs?

I somehow doubt it.

At least the music would be better. The illegals' rally featured (at least at the time I walked by) some acoustic guitar-playing ex-hippie belting out 60s protest songs and a few politically correct "hits" you find on 99-cent CDs. The ganja-men could do much, much better.

It's a damn shame the illegals don't realize that they are nothing more than pawns in a larger agenda. Jorge doesn't give a rat's ass about them -- he wants to make his amigos in Mexico City happy. The politicians see them as voters and consumers of social services, both of which enhance their power. The Los Angeles Times, which illustrated the recent slowdown in home construction with a sob story about a woman in Mexico who isn't getting as many money orders from her illegal hubby in California, is looking for readers for its Spanish-language edition. The Catholic Church wants lots of devout Catholics who make lots of babies.

I feel no animus toward the illegals as people. At least the ones who don't belong to gangs, drive drunk, steal jobs from legal residents, drain social-service funds or get involved in crime.

But I believe they should all be returned to their countries of origin -- whether in North, Central or South America, Asia, Europe or Africa, or any damn place else -- immediately. If they want to live here, they must go through the same complex and expensive process legal immigrants follow.

This is the only nation on the face of the planet that tolerates such mass law-breaking. Most countries, in fact, tend to discourage immigration unless those applying are wealthy or so talented that no locals can compete. In fact, at the time I thought of applying to emigrate to Canada -- my then-wife was Canadian -- we had to have solid guarantees that I would never go into their version of the welfare system.

But what, you might ask, should we do about the poor babies who are born here (and thus are US citizens) whose illegal parents are deported?

Simple. My feeling is that the 14th Amendment was never intended to reward illegals who drop babies here. The stream of illegals who come here right before their babies are due to be born to get a free pass is testament to the folly of liberal interpretation of the Constitution.

I believe illegals have rights. Just like other criminals, they have the right to be tried and, if found guilty, punished. The same rights should be extended to those who aid and abet them. That includes Jorge, the late Ted Kennedy and all the other loons from the cesspool of alcoholism, senility and graft that is our current government.

Encouraging and rewarding people for breaking one law is the same as saying no law need be obeyed.

As I say, I have no bad feelings about anyone who comes from a foreign land. Their place of origin means nothing to me.

But when they flout our laws -- and are allowed to do so -- they are nothing more than common criminals in my book.

Think of it: 20 million criminals.

I wish our political, religious and social "leaders" cared as much about us as they do for criminals.


John said...

The whole concept of entering a country illegally, then protesting for you rights, is hard to fathom.
The Catholic church pushed those things in Miami, too.

lowandslow said...

You make so much sense, but it seems only a handful of us have the gumption to say out loud what many certainly believe. Unless we stand up and show some backbone, NOTHING is going to change.