Monday, April 09, 2007

I had something to say...

...but I've decided against saying it.

In fact, I have decided to restrain myself from commenting about at least three things that really burn me up.

Yeah, one is Jorge Bush (and other Washington liars, greedheads and losers). Another is my own pitiful efforts at working today.

Never mind the third. It should be filed under Old Business and shouldn't bother me at all. It does bug me, though. It offends my sense of justice.

So instead of writing a political and/or personal rant (the second of which might make me look even dumber than some previous entries have, if possible), I think I'll just jack it in for the night.

I see no point in further exposure of my gullibility, whether related to the voting booth, clients or a pretty face.

Who knows? With luck the Big One might hit tomorrow, and I can post photos of it.

1 comment:

KIT said...

If the 'big one' does happen tonight, I'll look forward to your excellent writing and pictures to bring it to life for us. Take Care.