Friday, April 20, 2007

Rambling rants...

...because my attention span is short. And because I see connections between them, and I don't think it's paranoia.

First, it has now been 94 days since George Bush's corrupt flunkies got Ramos and Compean thrown into prison.

Then, on a day when the stock market is reaching historic highs, out comes word (hidden away in the dark corners of the media) that more than 3 million Americans have lost their jobs in manufacturing since 2000. This supports my contention that stock manipulators don't care if the entire nation is on the breadlines so long as they can profit from low-wage overseas and illegal-alien labor.

Next week, the open-borders crowd in Washington (Jorge Bush and his administration, virtually all Democrat politicians and too damn many conservatives) are going to have to face the public as thousands of Americans head for D.C. to protest their heinous activities. Wish I could be there, though I know my two senators are among the most strident advocates of throwing the borders wide open.

Likewise, thousands -- perhaps tens of thousands -- of truckers will be protesting Jorge's insane order to give Mexican truckers free access to American highways. Despite the empty babble from Jorge's amigos about inspecting the trucks as they enter the U.S., they've been forced to admit that as a practical matter, only three out of 100 Mexican trucks can be inspected.

That means 97 out of 100 could be full of drugs, illegal immigrants or terrorists. And anyone who has seen Mexican trucks -- that would be me, among among millions of others -- should be terrified when they see those worn-out, badly-maintained rigs on our roads, driven by low-wage drivers who aren't restricted as to behind-the-wheel time or even trained as truckers.

So what's the deal here? Wall Street and a majority of our own government seem eager to sell out the citizens who keep them fat and sassy. With millions of Mexicans, Indians and Chinese happy to take slave-labor jobs, employers can cut wages and thus create more "jobs Americans won't do."

Every day, I'm more and more convinced that the survival of the nation is at stake, and only a radical change of personnel in government can save us.

By the way: has anyone in government noticed that North Korea has not taken a single step to live up to its side of the supposed nuclear "agreement" with the U.S.? Supposedly, it was to shut down its nuke plants a week ago....

One last rant: the very first person who needs to be booted out of DC is Sen. Harry Reid, followed by Jorge, Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry and the rest. If Reid -- and his political allies -- had made it their mission to give Jorge a boot in the butt to make him get serious about winning and ending the so-called "war on terror" instead of yammering about how we've lost and should simply surrender to the forces that want to destroy us -- or, in the case of Nancy Pelosi, "engage them in dialog" by sucking up to murderers and terrorist enablers -- I might have some respect for them. As it is, I feel nothing but contempt. They are more cowardly than the French.


Monkey and banana said...

hmmm ... do you think removing the minimum wage would help the problem?

MrScribbler said...

Frankly, if the greedheads weren't so intent on cashing in on screwing up the lives of American citizens, minimum wage wouldn't even be an issue. Back when being here legally counted for something, minimum wage mainly affected kids getting their first jobs.

Birdie said...

I can't understand the double-moral of the thing. Tight restrictions on airlines because of the fear of terrorists, extreme tight visa paperwork for people wanting to entry legally... yet OPENING the borders to all sorts of *enter curses here* from Mexico. The USA CAN'T survive that!! Tell me I'm misunderstanding somehting here!
At the moment, I'm almost glad I'm in Europe... though there is now discussion here, too, about the "open" borders.... and discussions about INTRODUCING minimum wages..