Friday, April 06, 2007

Too pooped to rant.

Yeah, I'm too worn out and dispirited to wrap my mind around Big Issues.

It's not that I have no opinions. I do. And of course I think I'm right 99% of the time.

Rather, the avalanche of idiocy has simply become overwhelming, and gets more so with each passing day.

I'll probably try again, but I'm afraid many of the rants will end up the way today's two attempts did: with me clicking the "delete" icon. I'm no big-time pundit, you know; there aren't many people eagerly awaiting each new blast.

Certainly, the people at whom they are aimed don't even know I exist.

This would be the perfect time to have some good personal news to write about, or interesting pictures to post.

Sorry, don't have either.

Maybe later.


kit said...

No gratuitous kitty pictures?! Did Hobbes suddenly become camera shy? ;-)

Sally said...

Surely you could can come up with some of those awesome pictures you take. If you do let me know. Love your pics! Have a great day, Scribbs! *hugs*

joan said...

Sometimes it helps just to write it. Even if you do delete it. Hang in there.

betty said...

I agree with Joan. You don't know how many entries I've deleted. I'm trying to stay positive from now on. That's tough! Hope you're having a good weekend, MrS. {{hugs}}