Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's over!

Well, almost.

I had one more pile of dung to work my way through after the last entry here. I was called -- at the last minute -- to a meeting concerning a project I have been trying to put together for years. Like all previous meetings on the subject, it was inconclusive and incredibly frustrating. I feel as if I'm still at Square One with this situation. I'm almost out of patience with all involved.

Oh, well.

If you're looking for a reason to remember April 4th (something I never have trouble doing), the New York Times provided one today:

Nina Wang, reported to be the richest woman in Asia, who won control of her husband’s Hong Kong real-estate empire after a tumultuous legal melodrama that featured a vanishing tycoon, a presumed death, charges of forgery and adultery, opium and impossibly short skirts, died on Tuesday in Hong Kong. She was 69 and had lived in Hong Kong for many years.

Mrs. Wang’s spokesman, Ringo Wong, announced the death, giving no cause, The Associated Press reported yesterday.

Now, at last, I understand why I am an abject failure.

In all my 57 years, I have never been involved with vanishing tycoons or opium. Nor has my name been associated with forgery, and only peripherally with adultery.*

Or maybe I screwed up because I didn't hire Ringo Wong to be my mouthpiece.

That must be it. I'm putting in a call to ol' Ringo ASAP.

At least it's almost April 5th, and all the crap is over for another year.

* Impossibly short skirts have messed me up a time or two, I admit. Especially when the wearer chose to lift them for someone else as well as me....


kathy said...

I'm not sure why it's a bad day, but I'm glad it's almost over! I'm just stopping by to say Hello :)
I hope tomorrow is a much better day. *hugs*

MrScribbler said...

kathy -- tomorrow HAS to be better!

kathy said...

I'm back to say Happy Birthday!
I wish for a peaceful and fulfilling upcoming year ... you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

And a belated Happy Birthday to you buddy. May this next year bring you much more joy than the last...

Anonymous said...

I am late...but better late than never? Happy Birthday MrScribbler! Loupylou

KauaiFinn said...


And many mooooooooore!

BIG Hawaiian HUGS!!!

Hope it's a good one for ya!


Justfly said...

~~hApPy BiRtHdAy To YoU~~~

betty said...

You had a birthday and I missed it?? Happy belated Birthday, MrS, and many, many more! {{{hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

Ringo Wong here. How help you can I?

lowandslow said...

Yeah, I missed your birthday, too. How rude of me. So, belatedly, Happy Birthday, friend. :)