Saturday, April 07, 2007

A little honesty would be nice...

...when Jorge Bush "visits" part of the border between Arizona and Mexico on Monday.

I'm absolutely certain he'll be babbling about "comprehensive immigration reform," telling us "family values don't stop at the border" and all the other no-borders crap he's been dishing out for years.

And, of course, he'll tell us how well his "enforcement" plans are working, even as the total number of illegals in this country edges up to the 21,000,000 mark.

What I'd like to see is some honesty for a change. I can imagine several photo-ops that would be far more appropriate than what we'll get thrown in our faces:

First, the picture of Jorge helping an illegal load bales of marijuana in his van for the trip into the heartland;

After that, we should see him picking up his envelope full of cash from some corrupt Mexican politician;

Then, he could personally arrest a few more Border Patrol agents;

Finally, he could sit at a table next to the remnants of the border fence, handing out green cards and welfare applications to the illegals as they cross into the USA. Hell, he could even offer some of them rides to Phoenix in his fleet of air-conditioned Chevy Suburbans.

Why not just come clean with the voters, Jorge? Stand up, face the cameras and say: "screw all you American citizens. Mah corporate friends need slave labor, mah Mexican pals need ta git the poor people out of their country, and they're gonna git what they want. Y'all don't like me, but they do, and ah'm gonna stick with mah friends."

In fact, better still, why not just step across that line and keep on heading South?


BingoPajama said...

and straight into the water and never come back?

John said...

Doesn't sound like the governator is much help either. Or your representatives. A bi-partisan effort.
Maybe Jorge and Nancy can both go. They can try out high officials' chairs together aand revel in their power. It is sickening.

MrScribbler said...

John -- I think Nancy should hit "the road to Damascus" again; they love her there like the Mexicans love Jorge.

Too bad world politics isn't like baseball. We could trade all the losers in D.C. for, say, a couple of minor-league losers from the EU.