Saturday, April 07, 2007

I'll be spending Easter...

...sitting at this very desk, trying to get some work done.

I can only hope my ability to crank out salable work is resurrected tomorrow.

And I hope my miserable creep neighbors won't have their TVs, boomboxes and whatever cranked up tomorrow.

Yeah. Happy Easter.

Mine is going to lay a big fat egg, I'm afraid.

And it won't even be a painted one.


Sunny said...

I'm saving my 'Happy Easter greetings' till tomorrow. Like you, I feel the same way. I even have neighbors like your's, LOL!

picaboblu said...

I'm lucky enough to be spending mine with my parents, sister and hubby. Hoping you have a better day than you're expecting and that the neighbors leave town for the day!

Anonymous said...

I hope your Easter turns out better than expected. You just never know.


HarpO'Fly said...

You can hide eggs, painted to look like mice, for the cats around there. Not sure if Hobbes is up for it, but he might like one.

SunnyLane said...

I hope your day goes well, MrScribbler.
I'm sitting right here at my desk, too, but not for working!

The sunrise was beauteeeeful this early morning!

Justfly said...

I hope your creep neighbors are quiet for you today.