Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's time for some people to pay the price.

I'm not talking about Don Imus, whom I disliked until the last few days, when he showed a great deal of class when compared to those who gleefully ran him out of his job.

I'm talking about the high-and-mighty moralists, the professional "victims" and agenda-driven jerks who piled on after Imus made a stupid remark, one of many he has made in his career.

Start with Les Moonves, the headman at CBS, who was perfectly happy to pay Imus millions of dollars each year to be offensive until he heard from a legion of black "victims" and suddenly got religion, so to speak.

Then consider Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, two race-baiting extortionists who have, over the years, caused more damage with their mouths and actions than Imus could in three lifetimes. Remember the Tawana Brawley case? Remember "Hymietown?" Where are their apologies for reprehensible behavior? Simple answer: because they are in the forefront of selling guilt to whites and casting the black population as perennial "victims" -- and making a damn fine living from doing so, mind you -- they are immune from the consequences of their words and actions.

Add in all those who have gone on Imus's show to further their careers, knowing full well what his act consists of, but now turn their back on him.

And, finally, add the Rutgers women's basketball team, who, in order to "stand strong" (as one of them put it) whimpered that Imus had "taken all the joy from their victory" and "scarred them for life." That, friends, is moral cowardice. Three words from Imus and they wanted, needed to have him fired? If any of them listen to and enjoy sexist, vicious, demeaning-to-women rap "music," as I suspect at least some do, their moral cowardice is deeper still.

The initial push to destroy Imus came from a left-wing group called "Media Matters," which has people watching TV and listening to the radio full-time in order to catch any slip of the tongue that can help further their agenda. One of their paid snitches picked up on Imus's comment and made sure every loudmouth liberal and professional victim in the country knew about it within minutes.

Free speech -- ain't it wonderful?

And while we're on the subject of apologies: Messrs Jackson and Sharpton would be on the hook for another big one -- along with a whole bunch of others -- if there was real justice in this country.

Sharpton and Jackson, along with the president and 80-plus professors at Duke University, a district attorney seeking re-election by showing the black population of Durham, NC that he was "on their side," Newsweek magazine, the New York Times and many more, decided the three Duke lacrosse players who were accused of rape by an apparently intoxicated stripper were guilty long before they faced a jury. Never mind the fact that the accuser, one Crystal Mangum, couldn't keep her story straight, never mind that the D.A. falsified evidence and suppressed DNA tests results that proved she was lying, never mind that at least two of the three players had solid proof they weren't even there when the so-called "rape" took place; all these "solid citizens" rushed to judgment because the men were white and the "victim" was black.

Who will make amends to these three?

They can legitimately claim to be "scarred for life."

Oddly enough, none of the three have yet called for Sharpton and Jackson to lose their "jobs." Nor have they insisted that the president of Duke, the professors, the staffs at Newsweek or the New York Times should be fired. Heck, they haven't even insisted that Mangum be arrested for filing a false police report.

I'm not as classy as they are, so I'll do it for them. Each one of them should pay, and pay big for the damage they caused.

It won't happen, of course.

It has taken far too long for race relations in this country to settle down as much as they have. The next great upheaval may well come when white people realize they have been played for fools by so-called "black leaders" and their cadres of professional victims. No scam, even when fronted by hard-core scammers like Sharpton and Jackson, lasts forever.

Oh yes, there's racism in this country. But all races engage in it and, these days, only one pays the big price.

Either we all will grow up and accept each others' failings without the kind of rancor that washed over Imus and the three Duke lacrosse players, or we will sink back into the swamp of racial divide and acrimony as Jackson, Sharpton, their followers and white liberals carrying the burden of phony "guilt" want us to.

Let he -- or she -- who can honestly say they have never spoken an insult cast the first stone.

That way, no stones will be cast, and we will live in a happier, more tolerant nation where the word "equality" really means something.


lowandslow said...

Very eloquently said, Scribbs. Hypocracy is alive and well in America. As I've said, someday it WILL hit the fan, and it ain't gonna be pretty.

kathy said...

I've been subject to harrassment and name calling due to my race, but I wouldn't call myself 'scarred for life'.

MrScribbler said...

Kathy -- depending on where we are, all of us can be subjected to racist comments, but it's never okay.

Still, the real test is how we react. Rising above the petty slurs and harassment (and not giving in to it) is the mark of a strong human being.

justfly said...

I liked your sixth paragraph. What about that music they listen to? Good point.
It is sad, as women, they would admit that they would allow a power of another human being to "take all their joy away".

I am sick of the whole thing. Oprah was proudly making fun of white guys dancing they other day on her show. Hmmm...did you hear that mentioned on the news? Does she still have her job?

KauaiFinn said...

Boy, catching up on your journal ain't for sissies... ;-)

More often than not, the world has me scratching my head and wondering; WTF???

Relevant or not, this quote came to mind:

“When a man says he is Jesus or makes some other claim that seems to us outrageous, we call him psychotic and lock him up in the madhouse. Freedom of speech is only for normal people.” – Thomas S. Szasz

Wishing you a peaceful and PROSPEROUS week!

Love, Hugs and AlooooHa!

betty said...

Wonderfully written and eloquently stated. Too bad it's so true.

John said...

Well put. All the expectations and standards are selective; not uniform.

Rice said...

When my father came to this country, legally from Italy, decades ago, he was subjected to verbal abuse every single day of his life at school. For years. Until he learned English and people got to know him.
Do you know what he taught us? Sticks and stones. Words are nothing unless you allow them to be.
I hated Imus too, not my cup of tea but I can't believe that WE ALL allow this to continue.
Where are the marches to protest his firing? Even if we don't like him, FREE SPEECH.
What he said was pathetic but that's his deal. Change the channel. Protest something that matters. Words. Sticks and stones.