Saturday, October 20, 2007

Why I hate my town, #32,974

Got a letter in the mail a few days agp from three "members of the community." Fancy letterhead, neatly printed and machine-signed.

The issue is the desire of a developer to turn what was once a large area of Navy housing into a "wonderful residential community." The people who allegedly sent the letter are whores for supporters of the project.

Most of the letter was the same old dung developers always spew when they are trying to add more housing density than the area can support. You know, the old "40% open space!" crap which, I'm sure, considers streets, sidewalks, utility easements and parking lots as "open space."

I have no doubt the developers will get their way. In Los Angeles, it's just a matter of who you bribe convince, after all.

But one paragraph in the letter really got my attention: "...will also provide 1100 condominiums and town homes that will offer new housing opportunities for the community. Pricing that starts in the mid to high $300,000s will give first-time homebuyers and local working families an opportunity to stay in [the area]...."

Ummm, yeah. Right. Sign me up, buckaroos.

I know damn few people here -- or anywhere, comes to that -- who can qualify for a $300K pad without the "help" of the kinds of bogus mortgages that have caused so many foreclosures in recent months.

Never mind that Los Angeles as a whole has long been over-populated, has long survived on stolen borrowed water piped in from far away, has a local government more interested in addressing the demands of illegal aliens than its own citizens, spends money at a rate that will soon have the city government -- if not the local taxpayers -- bankrupt, and is run by as corrupt a bunch of pathetic knaves as Chicago at its worst.

But I'll bet our local city council-creep is in full agreement with the "concerned members of the community" that this rat-maze of condos and "townhomes" is just what we need.

She hasn't yet said so. Probably because they haven't yet slipped enough green into her pockets.

This area is sliding into the toilet rapidly. I can't wait to get the hell out.


betty said...

Sandy lived in San Diego where she got her first job..then was transferred to Newport Beach. She talked about how expensive it was to live there. She didn't like it at all. Then she moved to NYC and married a rich man, lol. I visited her in San Diego and loved it.

lolwandslow said...

So do just that..."get the hell out". We've got a big 'ol airport here that can get you to anywhere your clients want you, probably faster than you can get there from LA. And our prices are not anywhere near as expensive as things are in your Granola State, although I must admit our politicos are every bit as crooked as you're used to there. :)


Anonymous said...

Atlanta is nearly out of water and has no idea what to do when it is gone.

Roads in many parts of the country are clogged with SUVs to the point of gridlock.

Too many people, and too little intelligent planning.

joan said...

Almost everywhere is following that path. House after house here is being chopped up and turning condo. New single family houses up the block are offered at mid $500,000. Who are these people who can afford these prices? I sure don't know any of them. I am sorry for any young person starting out these days.