Sunday, October 07, 2007

Today, such as it was...

...the temperature hit 91 this afternoon. I dehydrated rather severely, even though I kept chugging water, and the blazer goes to the cleaners tomorrow. If it's dry by then.

As for the show itself, I did my duty, peering into cars I was assigned to judge, searching for dirty, incorrect or badly restored items. There seemed to be more than usual. To the average person -- even the average car enthusiast -- what we were doing would seem the height of anality, but when someone enters shows of this type, that's what they expect. We did have a clear winner in our class, but even that one had some moderately serious flaws.

The worst part of the day -- aside, that is, from the relentless heat and sunshine -- was that there were fewer cars in the show than usual, and many of them were there last year. Thus very few photos (I'm still trying to decide if any are really worth posting*) and not much interest on my part.

But I did get to see some old friends, which was very cool, got one of my all-too-rare helpings of respect (that badge that says "judge" works wonders!) and had two better-than-average meals.

Not a total loss. But I'm glad I've cut this gig down to two such events per year.

* Not only did I find few subjects I felt like shooting, but the midday sun made the photos contrasty as hell and riddled them with sun-spots. Not good.


Interested said...


Yikers! It was warm here yesterday. The weather has been really freaky lately. You survived that's the important thing ;)

joan said...

I guess it would be the same folks showing up year after year unless they show shop. Hadn't thought of that. Drink up!

DAL said...

We'll take whatever ya got, Scribbs. Do something arty with 'em.

lowandslow said...

Yeah...what dal said. :)

Anonymous said...

that's the way to go "judge"...:)
why not get a few perks along the way. saw a nice car yesterday holding up old Pontiac GTO. the first one. i wished i had been driving a 68 olds 442. :)


MrScribbler said...

Joan -- there is a circuit of these events around the country (and in Europe). People with more loot than sense send their multimillion-dollar cars from event to event, with handlers to shine 'em up, all in a search for trophies and "glory."

A majority of the cars at the two shows I "do" are local, which is one of the reasons I like them.