Thursday, October 25, 2007

A small note of cheer...

...just after I finished my previous entry and was moping about.

My musician friend R. called. He had just finished his nightly gig -- it's two hours later where he is -- and was sitting in what I gather is the most famous drive-in in Milwaukee. It's apparently called "Sonic" or "Orbit" or some such name; he's not too comprehensible when his mouth is full of Philly Cheese Steak.

It was the usual conversation: music, cars, music, women, music. And then he asked when I was planning to come up there. He made the same invitation not long ago, and I chalked it up to kindness; it appears he and his wife really would love to pack the kids of to the grandparents and spend some time partying and rushing about from place to place where music can be made.

With me?

Well hell, yes, I'm up for it. I haven't met his wife, but in talking to her on the phone have concluded she is a major sweetie. I know R. and I get along.

So I've decided, finally, that we'll set a date when I get back from Daytona Beach in early November and I'll cash in a bunch o' frequent-flier miles for a ticket to Wisconsin.

Damn. I may not come back. Even though it will lack one element -- two, really, as I can't yet play well enough to do anything in public after my long hiatus from the keyboard -- that would make it perfect, it's irresistible.

My only problem will be getting a care package of California delicacies through airport security. I've promised him a jar each of almond butter and cashew butter -- delicacies featured by the wonderful Trader Joe's markets -- and some other things I can't figure out how to send.

At the end of the conversation, he offered to send me a cheese steak sandwich. I countered by asking him to send me Diana Krall or Alison Krauss instead.

But I know if he could do that, he'd keep them.

He's greedy that way.


DeleteMe said...

You'll only be about 5 hours from me.


Anonymous said...

who knows? you know...his wife might have somebody "in mind for you!" from past experience, a lot women are like that. unfortunately sometimes one must overlook a few flaws usually. but then again, we're all flawed on one way or another.


btw...have a great week!

John said...

Put the stuff in a checked bad is about the only way I think it will work. Carryon won't do it. They'll think you'll be mixing jelly in the air to make untasty treats to terrorize the crew.
Sounds like a good plan. Get out of didge and have fun.

John said...

dodge. or didge. what the heck. Live dangerously

MrScribbler said...

Sounds good, John. I'll probably check with someone from TSA -- if I can find one who speaks English -- to make sure it's all cool.

The explosive properties of almond butter have yet to be explored as far as I know.

becomingkate said...

Sounds like fun!

joan said...

Yipee! A real vacation!
You should be able to check that luggage. You can test it by mailing a package with similar content - to me :))

Capcitykitty said...

But how will you get the Double Double there? You can't check that.

MrScribbler said...

CapKit -- I'm thinkin' dry ice.

I've already promised to take R. and his wife to In-n-Out when they come out here next year, just in case.