Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Moonbats and Wingnuts get involved...

...in the SoCal fire scene.

For those who don't know, "Moonbats" are wacko-lefties who see everything bad/dangerous/worrisome as a conspiracy of right-wing evil. Wingnuts are the wacko-righties who attribute everything bad to anyone more liberal than, say, A. T. Hun.

Both groups are deranged, unstable, unteachable.

The Moonbats seem to have the notion that Jorge Bush personally set the fires, running from scene to scene with his little box of matches. A virtual moonbat, our pathetic Senator Barbara Boxer, believes that if Bush hadn't gotten us into Iraq, the fires would have been doused Sunday afternoon, just after if not even before they started.

Wingnuts, on the other hand, are convinced that none of this would have happened if the Sierra Club hadn't prevented the clear-cutting of every forest in the land, and the complete paving-over of every patch of bare ground in California. Get rid of conservationists and Al Gore, and everything will be peachy.

If these people had lives and not blogs, I'd have more hope for the survival of humanity.

Our compassionate president sent Michael Chertoff, the pitiful mouthpiece of Homeland "Security," out to San Diego to see what the Feds could do. While he was babbling incoherently and platitudinously about how the government "cares," another interesting story came to light, and was reported on local radio:

The City of San Diego designated Qualcomm Stadium, its pro football field, as a place for refugees from the fires. At present, it is said between 10,000 and 15,000 people are there.

By midday today, officials were asking the people of San Diego to stop sending aid to the stadium. They are overloaded with cots, food, water, medical help and everything else the refugees might need for days to come.

So while the government is making promises and holding press conferences, human beings responded as human beings do and gave everything they could to help those in need.

Fires, earthquakes and floods are natural disasters. Politicians are unnatural disasters.

You would think they would keep their mouths shut until the fires are finally doused. But even that is beyond them. Creeps.

Maybe what we really need is to give more power to human beings and banish wingnuts, moonbats and politicians to well-deserved obscurity.


lubie said...

Personally, I think the aliens did it.

Steve said...

Unfortunately, the Moonbats and Wingnuts are louder than the voice of reason. (coyoteslinks)

Anonymous said...

You would scarcely know from watching the news that Chocolate city is under 4 feet of water again.

Anonymous said...

:)...how true!


Interested said...

I'm sure Noble prize winner Al has a solution. *snicker*

MrScribbler said...

Maybe we need to run a giant pipeline from Chocolate City out here to flood the fires.

I just hope they don't send Ray Nagin to "help."

Int -- Al probably thinks SoCal was a rain forest until we started screwing up the environment.

Birdie said...

sorry, but this is something I can't joke about....

lowandslow said...

This really hit home. "We" as individuals are perfectly capable of caring for our neighbors far better than some outside bureaucrat from Washington or any state capital. Bureaucrats should not be allowed to breed!


John said...

We had a different definition for "wingnut" in my old NC days. I best not explain.
By your definition I may be one. I think most evil is the result of those more liberal, in love with government power, than I.

The distinction between natural and unnatural disasters is worth framing.

John said...

Must be some good people in San D, for the aid to be excessive. Maybe they better stockpile. Last I heard 1 out of 3 had to evacuate. Can that be right?

MrScribbler said...

John -- I think the one-in-three number is a little high, but not not by much.

By the modern definition, I don't think you qualify for wingnuttery. I agree with some of what they believe, but they are too quick to place blame on others for my taste.

In fact, the wimgnuts and moonbats strike me as positive and negative versions of the same sad image.

Capcitykitty said...

Hey...a quick question: Do you know how the Laurel Canyon and Sunland (Shadow Hills) areas are faring? Also, Aqua Dulce and Palmdale?


MrScribbler said...

CapKit -- as far as I know, Agua Dulce has a fire nearby, but don't have any details. The others are nowhere near any fire action. Yet, anyway.