Friday, October 05, 2007


...and the toys, if any, will appear later.

Right now, I'm waiting for a phone call or email from a PR agency. I'm supposed to do a story about one of their client's products, and am meeting some resistance.

Why can't they go to some extra effort to get five pages of free ink?

It's a bargaining process. They can't do this, so I suggest that as an alternate way of making it happen. Sadly, the ingredients they are resisting are big parts of the core of the article I'm supposed to be doing.

One of the irritating elements is that the PR guy is being paid to deal with me. I'm making no money by going around and around with him. For me, the income doesn't happen until the story is published.

Thank goodness every story isn't like this. More and more of them are, though.

On another subject, it's chilly and breezy this morning, and the forecasts for the weekend are inconclusive. I wouldn't mind except that this Sunday is one of those days when I have to dress up and wander around in the sun all day. Another car show to judge; last year, it was downright hot...I'd love a cooler day this time.

PARENTHETICAL YOU-DIDN'T-ASK-FOR-IT THOUGHT: Yes, there will be lots of pictures posted. I can't help myself.

Since the PR guy hasn't gotten back in touch, I have to run off and do other work-errands now.

Is it any wonder I'd rather just lounge around playing with toys?


Birdie said...

hmmm, situation sounds familiar....

Scribby = peanuts admin

PR guy = paying JS member

story suggestions = peanut interface

sorry... it was too tempting LOL

lowandslow said...

Looking forward to the car pics, Scribbs. :)

justfly said...

wow, I just went back and looked at all your toys. They are all great!
Can't wait to see the car photos! Hope you have good weather.

joan said...

Sounds like work has been keeping you pretty busy lately. Don't tie that tie too tight.