Friday, October 19, 2007

I didn't know...

...that Deputy Sheriff Gil Hernandez was finally released from prison after serving his sentence for upholding the nation's laws -- and protecting himself from an attempt to murder him -- but my friend Harp O'Fly found the story somewhere and relates it (with pictures) here.

Hernandez should never have been arrested, much less persecuted by a vengeful, open-borders government (directed, I have no doubt, by notorious puppet-of-corrupt-Mexican-politicians Jorge Bush and his attack dog, Johnny Sutton.

There have been few instances in modern U.S. history of such heinous acts by public "servants" as the ordeal of Gil Hernandez. Equally bad is the silence of other "public servants" in congress, each of whom has more claim to time in a jail cell than a Deputy Sheriff who was doing his job.

That leaves Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. Jorge decided they were impeding the free access of illegal-alien drug smugglers across the border, and sent out some of his best apologists and liars to get them imprisoned. If Jorge gets his way, they will be behind bars for more than a decade.

Perhaps the only elected official with the cojones to oppose this lunacy is Rep. Dana Rohrbacher of California. He -- with some (but not enough) help from a few other members of congress -- has been working to free the Border Patrol agents for quite some time.

Rohrbacher did some research, and discovered that two law-abiding American citizens who were working to protect us from the cross-border invasion are receiving treatment worse than that accorded terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay, as reported here.

Where is the ACLU on this? Where are the "concerned lawyers," "mothers for peace" and all the other wack-jobs who are so quick to embrace terrorists and want them moved from a reasonably humane detention camp to the Four Seasons Hotel? Where are the advocates for the rights of those of Hispanic descent? Hypocrites, one and all, they are silent.

I was not surprised that my local newspaper, which welcomes as many illegals as can be crammed into our already over-populated state, ignored Gil Hernandez's release. Nor am I surprised that the New York Times, which is too busy trying to impose their pitiful elitists socialist agenda on us, didn't think this was a worthwhile item. They, after all, ignored the fact that a soldier from their own area was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor (posthumously) for bravery in Iraq.

I would have thought the Bush-haters like the Huffington Pest, would have jumped on this story. No, wait...they are all for illegals and drug smugglers, too.

The Bush apologists -- Michelle Malkin, Rash Fatblob and the like -- are too busy faking enthusiasm for Jorge, trashing everyone who disagrees with them and patting themselves on the back for their own cleverness to have noticed.

All these people should shut the hell up and go away, if you ask me. The fundamental issues that are pushing this country toward destruction deserve thoughtful attention, not snappy one-liners, name-calling and partisan rhetoric.

And one of the major signs of decay is that our government can imprison those who uphold laws they don't happen to like, but which are still part of our legal code and are, moreover, supported by the majority of citizens.

Ramos and Compean are rotting in jail today. Given the imperial nature of our president and congress, any one of us could be next.

They must be freed, exonerated and recompensed for their mistreatment. And those who have persecuted them, or have stood idly by while justice was being subverted, must be held accountable.

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