Thursday, February 14, 2008

News in brief.

Managed to get the necessary interview yesterday, and finished the article on which -- as usual -- I had lavished too much research and writing time. Good interview. The guy was nice, cooperative and we spent a good part of the two hours of phone time talking about people and places (all in the past) we have in common.

Got a Valentine's Day card in the mail today, from a lovely and considerate lady. Also, a warm message from another whom I adore for her tender heart and heartfelt words.

Everything else in the last two days has been crap. Some frustrating, some simply depressing. Unpleasant happenings, unpleasant memories.

But if I write about all that, reliving the strain and pain will simply bring me down even more, and I already feel lousy.

Good night.


Kim said...

Happy Valentines Day Scrib :)

becomingkate said...

Glad you got the interview! Hope you have a peaceful night. *hugs*

Birdie said...

even though I didn't send a Valentine (no one got one from me since it's not really celebrated here), just know that you are in my thoughts! I am planing to fly over end August until mid September... I hope THIS trip we can meet again and a bit longer!! {hugs}

Japee said...

Good deal! You got the interview and some Valentine's goodies. One year I was so late with Christmas cards that I sent out a bunch of valentine cards instead. They were a big hit.