Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I have to admit....

...that I'm enjoying not writing here every day.

Part of that, of course, is because engaging in the writing I have to do is taking more out of me these days. That, in itself, is a pain, as it means I'm spending more time on each story I'm allegedly paid to write than it is worth.

Nothing new, there.

But not using this as a confessional also means I'm not getting the usual "you're a dumb sh*t" comments from people who seem to know exactly what I need to do to straighten out my pathetic ass.

Does it surprise you that I don't need that?

No one knows the mistakes I've made better than me, Jim.

And if I choose to shelter one or two people (one, mainly) from full disclosure, that's simply me being a nice guy, which I have always tried to be. There are two people, whom I trust, who know what has gone on recently in my life. I'm perfectly happy to keep them in the loop, but I have no desire to make the really sad stuff common knowledge.

It'd titillate the heck out of some of you. The entertainer in me kinda digs that idea.

For now, however, I'd prefer to have the rest of you think of me as a dumb sh*t.

It's a role I have played for much of my adult life.

Not what I wanted, of course, but it seems to be the role I've been assigned.

And that's about all I can say about it. Someone has to take the fall, and I guess I'm the one.


John said...

At least you get comments. Few seem to know what I am talking about or when I'm only half serious.
I'd rather you post more so I can pretend to say what I'd do if I were you. That is lots of fun because if you did it, I wouldn't be the one to suffer the consequences.

Titillate is a worthy pursuit. hehe you said tit

susananne said...

Some people just want putting up against a wall and shooting!..give me their names and i will sort them out, i might only be 5 foot tall but will sort them for you ..How dare people call you that. Tell them to walk one day in your shoes....grrrr ( can you tell i am mad ? )

DAL said...

Yanno, I see where you are coming from. Once my own drama has died down and everybody forgets, I won't likely ever mention who said nasty things about me that I didn't even read. It's not that I would be protecting someone, however, it's that I wouldn't ever give this person the satisfaction.

lowandslow said...

From one "dumb s*it" to another, enjoy your freedom of not feeling the need to write here every day. Mr. Peanut inadvertantly gave me my freedom months ago, and I actually enjoy it. Take care, friend.


Anonymous said...

You are no dumb sh*t. No way, no how. Nope.


Japee said...

Hhhmmmph. You might enjoy not writing, but we don't.

Anonymous said...

I will leave it too you what you want to say or not say. Me I don't say a lot about a lot of things. Because, just because.